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Using the Housing Portal (for returning students only)

Step 1:  Follow the link to the Louisiana Tech Housing Portal.  Enter your User Name (Campus Wide ID number) and click "Retrieve/Forgot Password?".  The password to access the system will be sent to you via the email on file at the University when you applied for admission.  (Please contact our office if you have a question about which email we have on file for you or to update that email.)  Once the password has been retrieved, you will enter your User Name and Password.  Then, you will receive a prompting to change your password to a password of your preference.  Please keep your username and password in a secure location.

Login screen of portal

Step 2:  Click on "Application" at the top of the menu bar.  Select the term for which you are applying.  If you choose a 12 month app, you will only be able to select a housing option among 12-month lease apartments.  If you do not plan on needing housing during the summer, you will need to complete the academic year application (a 9-month lease).  If you plan to enroll in courses this summer and want to live in a residence hall, you need to complete a summer app (either full summer or 6-week summer) BEFORE you complete the academic year app.  Doing so keeps you from paying the app fee twice!  Please contact our office if you have questions about which application you should select. 

 Info page after log in

select a term

Step 3:  Click "Continue" on the bottom of our welcome page, once you have reviewed the information.

Welcome page for returning students

Step 4:  Verify that your personal profile information is correct.  Click "Save & Continue".

 Personal profile information

Step 5:  Complete the Emergency & Missing Person Information with details regarding whom to contact in the case of an emergency or if we need to consult with someone regarding your location.  Click "Save & Continue".

Emergency & Missing Person Information

Step 6:  Complete the Special Housing Request if needing specific housing accommodations.  Clicking "yes" to this question does not guarantee accommodation requests' approval.  Please note that all requests should originate in the Office of Disability Services.  Click "Save & Continue".

Special Housing Request

Step 7:  Respond to the roommate survey to reflect your personal preferences.  Answer as honestly as possible.  This survey can assist you in searching for roommates with similar preferences.  Click "Save & Continue".

roommate survey

Step 8:  Your application is not considered completed until you have completed your payment.  Please click "Pay Now".  You will be redirected to a secure site, which will be used to enter payment details.  Remember to print a receipt.  Completing the payment step confirms that your application is complete.  However, we recommend that you begin searching for a roommate once you have completed this step.  You will only be able to view those students who have also completed the application.  You will want to begin messaging and requesting potential roommates since all roommates will need to be accepted before you return to the system to select a room and to assign a roommate in the selected room with you.

Reservation fee page

payment step

Step 9:  Complete the Web Profile page to provide, during the roommate search process, information that may be viewed by other students.  Make sure the "Include in Search" box is checked so that you are visible to others during the search process.  If you know of a student you would like to live with next year, ask him/her for their screen name.  You can search for this particular person by their screen name and request them as a roommate directly.

Complete a web profile to view roommates

Step 10:  Utilize the roommate finder page to search for a roommate.  This page is where you will be able to initiate contact with a possible roommate, to request roommates, and to either accept or deny roommate requests.  Please make sure to check your messages, which can be found by clicking name at the top right corner of the portal.  If a red box with a number in it is displayed at the top next to your name, you have a message awaiting your response.  To put in the screen name of a specific roommate, click on "search by details" and search by the student's screen name.  Remember that you both must accept each other as roommates before you can assign them into a space with you.  This should be completed prior to your opportunity to select a room.

roommate finder