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New Student Housing Applications

First-year students go online according to the schedule below to select their room assignment with the option of inviting roommates into the room based on the date of their completed housing application.


If you applied for housing:

You will choose your space: (CST)

October 16-31, 2017

January 8 (1pm) – January 12 (10am)

November 1-30, 2017

January 15 (1pm) – January 19 (10am)

December 1 – January 15

January 22 (1pm) – January 26 (10am)

January 16 and later

April 9 (1pm) – May 31 (10am)

Be sure to search for, request, and accept roommates before going online to select your room.  You can begin searching for a roommate once you have paid the application fees. 

You must request a roommate and that roommate must accept your roommate request to be able to invite each other into a room during online room selection.

The system opens at 1pm (central time) on the days indicated in the schedule above.  However, you will be assigned a specific timeslot within the week based on the date and time you applied previously.  Your timeslot will be emailed to you the week prior to your time to choose your space.  If you do not receive an email a week prior to your designated weekly time, you may contact our office or log into your housing portal to see your designated timeslot.  In the portal, you may hover the cursor over the room selection step and it will show you the date and time that selection will be opened for you.  If applying before January 15th, you may choose a room during your assigned timeslot or anytime until the system closes on January 26th at 10am.  If you fail to do so by this time, you will be able to access room selection again beginning at 1pm on April 9th.  If applying after January 15th, you may choose a room during the dates and times listed above, according to your designated timeslot.

The system will not be accessible for first time students from January 26th – April 8th.  

The online system will remain open from April 9th through May 31, 2018.  Students who do not select their hall/room by May 31st must contact our office to request an assignment.  Should a student fail to select a hall/room, one will not automatically be assigned to the student.  Any student applying after May 31st will be assigned by the Residential Life staff based on availability and will be notified via email of that assignment.

You may invite roommate(s) who are in a later group than you but your roommate must have applied by the time you are ready to select a room.  Remember your roommates must be accepted in the roommate section of the housing portal and not already have a room assignment to be able to invite them into your room during online room selection.

If you still need help with your application and/or room assignment, please contact us at housing@latech.edu

Room Assignment Tips

If you applied for housing:

You will choose your space: (CST)

October 16-31, 2017

January 8 (1pm) – January 12 (10am)

November 1-30, 2017

January 15 (1pm) – January 19 (10am)

December 1 – January 15

January 22 (1pm) – January 26(10am)

January 16 and later

April 9 (1pm) – May 31 (10am)

Please note the schedule above.  The system opens at 1pm (central time) on the indicated dates based on your assigned time slot.  Time slots will be sent out via email the week prior to the assignment time.  Once you have been given access to the online housing portal, you will continue to have access except for the dates between January 26th and April 8th.

It may help to have a list of building preferences prior to room selection.  For instance, do you want to search for an apartment first or a res hall?  Your assignment does not need to be chosen based on how you completed the room preferences portion of the portal.  The room preferences portion is used if students fail to select their own room.  Knowing your preferences ahead of time will help save time during the selection process!  You will also want to initiate conversations with your accepted roommate(s) about which buildings and housing accommodations you agree on.  For example, while you may desire to live in an apartment, your roommate(s) may not be able to afford the additional cost.  Therefore, you need to either come to an agreement or risk not being assigned with your accepted roommate.  Although you may assign your accepted roommate during room selection, they still must confirm their invitation within 24 hours of being notified of the housing reservation.

You may invite roommate(s) who are in a later group than you but your preferred roommate must have applied by the time you are ready to select a room.  Remember that your roommate(s) must be accepted in the roommate section of the housing portal and not already have a room assignment to be able to invite them into your room during online room selection.

You can only have one room assignment in the portal at a time.  If you desire to change your assignment, do not cancel your housing application.  Canceling your housing application will delete your application and you may lose your opportunity to select a room during your previously designated time.  To make a room change, please contact our office at 318-257-4917 or at housing@latech.edu.  Our Room Assignment staff can assist you in this process.

In order to assign a roommate with you in a room, you must select a room that has at least two available spaces – one for you and one for your roommate.  If there are not two spaces available, you will not be able to assign your accepted roommate.  Dependent on your housing preference, you may need to make sure that there are three or four spaces available, if you desire to fill each space.

Assignments will be made by our Room Assignment staff should a student not select their assigned hall/room during the dates above.

The later you apply and complete room selection, the less likely there will be many options available.  As May 31st draws closer, sufficient beds may not be accessible on the portal.  This is something that our staff manages each year successfully.  As students cancel, spaces become available.  Please be patient with our process and know that our staff is doing our best to find you an on campus accommodation. 

Since the online system is able to time stamp transactions, the student who selects a room the earliest will be assigned into that room.

If you and your preferred roommate are assigned to different rooms, you will need to request a room change with your assigned roommate.  To do so, you may email your assigned roommate to request their permission to change with your preferred roommate.  If the roommate agrees to swap, they both most email housing@latech.edu with their name, CWID, the location of their current assignment, the name of the person they would like to swap with, and the assignment they are desiring to be moved into.  Please note that it is not required that your assigned roommate swap with your preferred roommate.  Requested room changes in this manner cannot be guaranteed but our Room Assignment staff will do our best to assist in this process.

Using the Portal to Apply for Housing

Step 1:  Follow the link to the Louisiana Tech Housing Portal.  Enter your User Name (Campus Wide ID number) and click "Retrieve/Forgot Password?".  The password to access the system will be sent to you via the email on file at the University when you applied for admission.  (The login information for the housing portal is not the same as the student's Kennel page.)  Once the password has been retrieved, you will enter your User Name and Password.  Then, you will receive a prompting to change your password to a password of your preference.  Please keep your username and password in a secure location.

 housing app step 1

Step 2:  Click on "Application" at the top of the menu bar.  Select the term for which you are applying: Fall 2018 Academic Year.  Click "Save & Continue".  

housing app step 2

Step 3:  Click "Continue" on the bottom of our welcome page, once you have reviewed the information.

 Housing app step 3

Step 4:  Verify that your personal profile information is correct.  Click "Save & Continue".

Housing app step 4 

 Step 5:  Complete the Emergency & Missing Person Information with details regarding whom to contact in the case of an emergency or if we need to consult with someone regarding your location.  Click "Save & Continue".

 housing app step 5

Step 6:  Complete the Special Housing Request if needing specific housing accommodations.  Clicking "yes" to this question does not guarantee accommodation requests' approval.  Please note that all requests should originate in the Office of Disability Services.  Click "Save & Continue".

housing app step 6

 Step 7:  Respond to the roommate survey to reflect your personal preferences.  Answer as honestly as possible.  This survey can assist you in searching for roommates with similar preferences.  Click "Save & Continue".  

housing app step 7

Step 8:  Indicate your preference for buildings in which to reside.  These preferences are only used if the Room Assignments Office needs to see which students prefer specific living situations.  Your preference does not keep you from viewing other available accommodations on the portal.  Please list at least four buildings in order of preference.  Click "Save & Continue".  housing app step 8

Step 9:  Your application is not considered completed until you have completed your payment.  Please click "Pay Now".  You will be redirected to a secure site, which will be used to enter payment details.  Remember to print a receipt.  Completing the payment step confirms that your application is complete.  However, we recommend that you begin searching for a roommate once you have completed this step.  You will only be able to view those students who have also completed the application.  You will want to begin messaging and requesting potential roommates since all roommates will need to be accepted before you return to the system to select a room and to assign a roommate in the selected room with you.

 housing app step 9

Step 10:  Complete the Web Profile page to provide, during the roommate search process, information that may be viewed by other students.  Make sure the "Include in Search" box is checked so that you are visible to others during the search process.

 housing app step 10

Step 11:  Utilize the roommate finder page to search for a roommate.  This page is where you will be able to initiate contact with a possible roommate, to request roommates, and to either accept or deny roommate requests.  Please make sure to check your messages, which can be found by clicking name at the top right corner of the portal.  If a red box with a number in it is displayed at the top next to your name, you have a message awaiting your response.  

housing app step 11

Room Changes

Louisiana Tech University has an open room change policy, with the exception of a few days throughout each quarter. We ask that students who have a vacancy in their room, and are not paying the additional private rate, please keep one side of your room clear of belongings.  A student could be assigned to that vacant space at any time during the quarter.

All room changes must be initiated in the Residential Life office.  Each student who will be moving must be present to request permission to change.  If all students moving cannot be present, one student must have written authorization for the change from the absent student(s) including the signatures, student numbers, and a copy of the students' IDs for all involved in the move.

You must first go to the Residential Life office to secure written permission before any change or transfer of belongings takes place.  Moving without permission before any change or transfer of belongings takes place.  Moving without permission is a $50 fine.  Also, failure to complete a room change within the twenty-four hours can result in a $50 fine.

Use the following procedure in making a room change:

  1. Receive a room change slip from the Room Assignment office located in Wyly Tower 227.
  2. Take the room change slip to the building in which you are moving.  The resident assistant will give you a key and fob along with a room condition card for the new move.
  3. Remove all belongings from your old room.  Sweep, mop, and clean your area of the old room.  Locate a resident assistant and tell them you are making a room change.  The resident assistant will sign room change slip after checking you out.  The resident assistant will keep your room change slip.
  4. Complete a room condition card for the new room and return it to a resident assistant.  Keep the receipt of the room condition card posted on your lavatory mirror.
  5. Room changes are not complete until keys to the old room have been returned.  Fines will be assessed for any changes not completed within twenty-four hours.

End of Quarter Room Change

End of quarter room changes occur at the end of each quarter so current students may have a longer period to move into a new room for the upcoming quarter.  For an end of quarter room change, you must check out from your old room before halls close for the quarter.  Failure to make an end of quarter room change in the proper manner or within the allotted time can result in a $50 fine.  Only spaces that are currently available can be chosen.  Spaces are not available until check out documentation is received in the Department of Residential Life.