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Room Change Information

Louisiana Tech University has an open room change policy, with the exception of a few days throughout each quarter. We ask that students who have a vacancy in their room, and are not paying the additional private rate, please keep one side of your room clear of belongings.  A student could be assigned to that vacant space at any time during the quarter.

All room changes must be initiated in the Residential Life office.  Each student who will be moving must be present to request permission to change.  If all students moving cannot be present, one student must have written authorization for the change from the absent student(s) including the signatures, student numbers, and a copy of the students' IDs for all involved in the move.

You must first go to the Residential Life office to secure written permission before any change or transfer of belongings takes place.  Moving without permission before any change or transfer of belongings takes place.  Moving without permission is a $50 fine.  Also, failure to complete a room change within the twenty-four hours can result in a $50 fine.

Use the following procedure in making a room change:

  1. Receive a room change slip from the Room Assignment office located in Wyly Tower 227.
  2. Take the room change slip to the building in which you are moving.  The resident assistant will give you a key and fob along with a room condition card for the new move.
  3. Remove all belongings from your old room.  Sweep, mop, and clean your area of the old room.  Locate a resident assistant and tell them you are making a room change.  The resident assistant will sign room change slip after checking you out.  The resident assistant will keep your room change slip.
  4. Complete a room condition card for the new room and return it to a resident assistant.  Keep the receipt of the room condition card posted on your lavatory mirror.
  5. Room changes are not complete until keys to the old room have been returned.  Fines will be assessed for any changes not completed within twenty-four hours.

End of Quarter Room Change

End of quarter room changes occur at the end of each quarter so current students may have a longer period to move into a new room for the upcoming quarter.  For an end of quarter room change, you must check out from your old room before halls close for the quarter.  Failure to make an end of quarter room change in the proper manner or within the allotted time can result in a $50 fine.  Only spaces that are currently available can be chosen.  Spaces are not available until check out documentation is received in the Department of Residential Life.