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How do you match roommates if I do not request one?

In the event that you do not have a specific roommate request, we have developed a survey to aid in accurately assigning you according to your desired preference. Roommate matches are generated by an automated computerized system. If you do not answer your survey truthfully, then you will not be assigned according to your best fit. The survey is part of the on-line application process and should be completed at the time of applying to live on campus. It is our experience that many students submit requests for roommates and one or the other applicant decides to change their request. In this case, the survey would simply serve as a back-up method. Roommate requests as well as roommate surveys are only honored/utilized if submitted prior to the deadline of March 15th.

When will I receive my hall and roommate assignments?

It depends on the date we receive your completed housing application. Hall assignments are mailed out periodically between May and the day we open our halls. This letter will include your room assignment, phone number, mailing address and your roommate's name and contact information.  Roommate information may or may not change prior to fall check-ins.


What happens if I requested a specific roommate and he/she was not assigned with me?

There are several ways this could have occurred.  First of all, your requested roommate may have submitted his/her application after initial assignments were made.  Roommate requests MUST be mutual so you may have listed an individual as a requested roommate but he/she may have failed to list you on his/her application.  Also, some students prefer to live in a specified hall/apartment despite the fact that he/she may not be assigned with his/her roommate of choice.  For example, Graham hall only houses students majoring within the College of Engineering and Science.  Therefore, a resident may prefer to live with his friend but if the friend is not majoring within the College of Engineering and Science, you will not both be assigned to Graham hall. 

To be placed with a specific roommate, both students should submit their applications at the same time and list each other on their respective applications.  In the unfortunate case that requested roommates are not placed together, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to alter the assignment.  However, we will do our best, as space permits, to relocate both residents into a hall where they can reside together.


What if my roommate and I do not get along?

First, our Residential Life staff will work you both to provide mediation opportunities to work through the roommate issues.  Louisiana Tech has an open room change policy, which means that residents can move to a new hall/room as requested and as space permits.  Room changes are often closed the first week and a half at the beginning of the quarter and the last week and a half at the end of the quarter due to occupancy checks.  At any other time, residents can visit the Residential Life office to request a room change.  Residents should not move into a new hall/room without completing the necessary paperwork in the Residential Life office.  If this occurs, he/she will be charged a fee for an illegal room change and may be required to move.