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How do you match roommates if I do not request one?

In the event that you do not have a specific roommate request, we have developed a survey to aid in accurately assigning you according to your desired preference. Roommate matches are generated by an automated computerized system. If you do not answer your survey truthfully, then you will not be assigned according to your best fit. The survey is mailed to all students who have submitted a completed Residential Life application, regardless of listing a requested roommate. It is our experience that many students submit requests for roommates and one or the other applicant decides to change their request. In this case, the survey would simply serve as a back-up method. Requested roommates take precedence over the survey if submitted before the deadline April 15, 2010.

When will I receive my hall and roommate assignments?

It depends on the date we receive your completed housing application. Hall assignments are mailed out periodically between April and the day we open our halls. This letter will include your room assignment, phone number, and your roommate's name and contact information.