Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Modern Languages is to offer a superior education in the areas of Spanish and French, both spoken and written. The Department will offer courses designed to help students understand not only the spoken language for comprehension and oral competence, but the major literary works in that language, including poetry, fiction, and drama. Finally, the Department will provide the student with a working knowledge of the culture as a system of communication that includes such aspects as facial expression, gesture, group organization, art, music, and many other nonverbal forms.


The undergraduate program in Modern Languages is designed to prepare students for a variety of fields, including teaching, publishing, translating, advertising, health care, public relations, business and government service. The minor or double-major in French or Spanish provides excellent pre-professional training for fields such as law, medicine, journalism or business, and international relations. Specifically, the objective of the undergraduate program is:

  • To appreciate the languages and literatures of a multi-cultural society
  • To develop mastery of essential skills in oral and written communication.
  • To offer the training in technological skills necessary for success
  • To provide an understanding of the theories and techniques used in current research methods and scholarly practice.
  • To gain the ability to communicate with users of other languages other than English
  • To provide a comprehensive knowledge of the authors, genres, periods, terms, theories, and concepts important for an understanding of literatures written in French or Spanish
  • To offer the experience of study abroad and international programs

The Department of Modern Languages offers the following degree options:

  • Bachelor of Arts in French: A major in Spanish is designed for those who are predominantly interested in communicating in Spanish.
  • Bachelor of Arts in English with a Concentration in Technical Writing: A major in English with a concentration in technical writing is for those students who wish to pursue the more specialized field of technical communication.
  • Minor in English: A minor in English is designed for those who have a strong interest in English as a secondary subject.
  • Minor in Technical Writing: A minor in Technical Writing is designed for those who have a strong interest in the special field of technical writing.

Requirements for English majors and minors are found in the University catalog.