Geography Questionnaire


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1.  Your age

2.  Year in school. Please check one:
5th year
graduate student
non degree status

3.  Your approximate Grade Point Average to date 

4.  Your college name is: 

5. The state you call home : 

6.  The state where you attend college: 

7.  The number of people who attend your college or university: Please check:
Less than 5,000
5,000 to 9,999
10,000 to 24,999
more than 25,000

8.  The college or university you attend is:  Public      or  Private.      Please check.

9.  The number of people who live in your home town: Please check one:
Less than 5,000
5,000 to 9,999
10,000 to 24,999
25,000 to 49,999 50,000 to 99,999 More than 100,000

10. How many states, other than your home state, have you visited?  Please check:
        1 - 5 
        6 - 10 
       11 - 20 

11. Have you visited a foreign country: Please check: Yes No

 If yes: the number of foreign countries you have visited. 

12. List all of the states that border your home state:

13. This is my first college level geography class.  Please check: Yes No

True/False: Please indicate your response by typing a T or an F.

14. Reno, Nevada is further west than Los Angeles.

15. Alaska is immediately to the north of Washington.

16. Mexico, Cuba, and Costa Rica are three Central American countries.

17. Germany’s economy is not as highly developed as Spain’s or Portugal’s.

18. India has the second highest population in the world.

19. An American citizen must have a passport to go to Puerto Rico.

20. The U.S. dollar is the Alaskan standard currency.

21. Taliban forces are primarily located in India and Bangladesh.

22. India and Pakistan are currently squabbling/arguing for control of Kashmir.

23. Kazakstan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan were formerly part of the Soviet Union.

24. Continental glaciers once covered almost all of Canada and part of the United States.

25. All geography courses should focus on learning the names of states and their capitals.

26. Earthquakes and volcanic activity are common around the Ring of Fire.

27. HIV/AIDS are a much more common problem in Africa than anywhere else on the globe.

28. The largest religious group in the world is made up of Baptists and Methodists.

29. The term global warming applies to a world wide raising of summer temperatures.

30. English is the official language of the United States.

31. Geographers only study the physical landscape.

32. The highest mountains in the United States are along the east coast.

33. While taking a geography course might be fun, it can never help students to obtain real jobs.

34. New York is the eastern most state in the United States

35. The San Francisco Giants’ west coast move was partly a result of U.S. migration patterns.

36. California’s population is greater than the combined population of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

37. Hong Kong is still part of the Japanese empire.

38. During the 1960s and 70s large numbers of southern blacks migrated to northern and west
 coast cities.

39. According to the 2000 census, the Hispanic population now outnumbers the black population.

40. The U.S. has the highest average per capita income of any country in the world.

Thank you!

Geography Questionnaire


 The purpose of this questionnaire is to explore student preparation for college level geography classes.  Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you may withdraw from participation at any time.  Your responses will be kept strictly confidential, no identifiers will be used, and all responses will only be presented as aggregate data.  This questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  This is NOT a test, your instructor will NOT receive a copy of your answers, and your participation in no way affects your grade in this class.

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