Strategic Planning Committee, Tier 3 Subcommittee

Outreach Initiative Identification Survey

Please Submit this form by MARCH 25, 2002

Your responses will be collected and tabulated by the Tier 3 Subcommittee
If you have any trouble with this form, click here and Steve Graves will contact you as soon as possible.

Outreach Initiative Survey

Part I

Name :

Unit (Department)

Please respond to the following items for each outreach program or activity.   Submit forms for each separate activity.

1. Identify outreach initiatives which you lead, teach, or in which you participate beyond the traditional academic coursework.

    a.   Short title of activity:

    b.   Location:

    c.   When activity occurs/occurred:

    d. Is it repetitive (annual, bi-annual, monthly) ?

    e. Who sponsors the activity?

    f. Target audience (preschool/elementary, junior high, senior high, adult, senior citizens):

    g.  Typical size of audience:

      h. Purpose of activity:

    i. Are enrolled Louisiana Tech students involved?
            Yes  No 
            1. If yes, how:

    j. Are participants charged a fee?
              Yes  No 
            1.  If yes, how much?

Survey Part II

2. Please identify current trends and exemplary outreach programming models at other universities.

(a) List trends such as distance learning, continuing education, correspondence courses, etc.
Please include name of university and contact information if available.

(b) List specific models, including name of university and contact information.


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