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John Moors Cabot

Cabot, John Moors. The Diplomatic Papers of John Moors Cabot, a Collection from the Edwin Ginn Library, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.
JX 1706.A75 C32 1985
The papers of John Moors Cabot (1901-1981) provide a valuable record of more than forty years in the diplomatic service. Materials include embassy correspondence, situation reports, and interviews with world leaders. Major events covered include the Dominican Republic coup of 1930 and the rise of Trujillo, unrest in Argentina and the election of Peron in 1946, the controversy over Yugoslav aid to Greek guerrillas in 1947, the Chinese Civil War and the Shanghai situation, the resignation of President Quadros in Brazil in 1961, and the outcome of the secret United States-Communist China talks held in Moscow in 1962.

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