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Missionaries in China

The Chinese Recorder, 1868-1941.
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The Chinese Recorder, a journal produced by the Protestant community in China over a seventy-two year period, was the longest-running English language publication in that country. It is regarded as one of the most valuable sources for studying the missionary movement in China and the effect the missions had on shaping Western relations with and perceptions of the Far East. The collection is indexed by Persons, Missions, Organizations, and by Subject.

Missionary Periodicals from the China Mainland
Protestant missionaries who came to China in ever increasing numbers from the mid-19th into the 20th century were keen observers of Chinese cultural and political conditions. This collection of periodicals produced by these missionaries (treating the years from the 1830's to about 1951) includes:

  • Anking Newsletter
  • China Christian Advocate
  • The China Mission Handbook, A Century of Missions in China
  • The China Medical Journal
  • The China Mission Advocate
  • The Educational Review
  • Fenchow
  • Foochow Messenger
  • The Four Streams
  • Newsletter of the Diocesan Association for Western China
  • Hainan Newsletter
  • West China Missionary News

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