Department of History Faculty


David M. Anderson

Associate Professor (PhD, University of North Carolina)
U.S. social history, popular culture, technology, and labor history

GTM 114A

A. Nazir Atassi

Assistant Professor (PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Islam, Middle East, World History

GTM 138

Jeffery R. Hankins

Associate Professor (PhD, Louisiana State University)
Britain, early modern Europe, Colonial America
History Coordinator, Graduate Director

GTM 134

Andrew McKevitt

Assistant Professor (PhD, Temple University)
U.S. History, History of Foreign Relations, Modern Europe

GTM 118

V. Elaine Thompson

Assistant Professor (PhD, Rice University)
U.S. South, early America, local and public history

GTM 110

Stephen Webre

Professor (PhD, Tulane University)
Latin America

GTM 104

Emeriti Faculty

Kenneth W. Rea, Professor and Vice President for Academic Affairs (PhD, Colorado) 1968-2012, email:
John C. Brewer, Professor and Director, Tech Barksdale (PhD, Texas)1970-2012, email:
Phillip Cook, Professor (PhD, Georgia) 1963-1964, 1969-2008
B. H. Gilley, Professor (PhD, Georgia) 1967-1996

Faculty News

Dr. Stephen Webre was honored by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities with the Individual Achievement in the Humanities Award for 2014 in New Orleans, March 29, 2014.

The Hank Williams Reader, edited by the department's own Dr. David Anderson, along with Patrick Huber, and Steve Goodson, has been published by Oxford University Press. The first book of its kind devoted to this giant of American music, the volume collects more than sixty of the most compelling, insightful, and historically significant of these writings. The selections cover a broad assortment of themes and perspectives, ranging from heartfelt reminiscences and shocking tabloid exposés to thoughtful meditations and critical essays. The Hank Williams Reader also features a lengthy interpretive introduction and the most extensive bibliography of Williams-related writings ever published.This anthology chronicles his cultural transfiguration from star-crossed hillbilly singer to enduring American icon.

Dr. Elaine Thomspon's monograph on her hometown, Clinton, Louisiana: Society, Politics, and Race Relations in a Nineteenth-Century Southern Small Town, has just been published by the Univeristy of Louisiana Press. Examining the town's history from 1826 to 1877, Thompson showcases Clinton as a window through which one can view the importance of small towns in the nineteenth-century South.

Dr. Drew McKevitt and Dr. David Anderson were recently featured online in Slate Magazine regarding the infamous 1963 literacy test used in Louisiana to restrict voting rights.

Dr. Jeffery R. Hankins has been named to the international advisory board of the British Scholar Society. Activities include annual international conferences, sponsorship of a book series and other media productions, and maintenance of Britain and the World, a biannual scholarly journal published by Edinburgh University Press. As a member of the advisory board Dr. Hankins's responsibilities will include evaluation of manuscripts on seventeenth-century topics submitted for publication by the society.


"Treinta años de producción historiográfica sobre la realidad colonial centroamericana: avances y desafíos," by Stephen Webre in Carmela Velázquez Bonilla and Elizet Payne Iglesias, eds., Poder, economía y relaciones sociales en el reino de Guatemala (San José: Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica, 2014).

La época colonial en Guatemala: estudios de historia social y cultural, edited by Robinson A. Herrera and Stephen Webre, Editorial Universitaria Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

Dr. Nazir Atassi's article, "The Transmission of Ibn Sa'd 's Biographical Dictionary Kitab al-tabaquat al-kabir," appears in the most recent number of the Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, a topical issue devoted to studies on "The Book in Fact and Fiction in Pre-Modern Arabic Literature."

Dr. Stephen Webre’s article, "Familia y descendientes de Bernal Díaz del Castillo: un episodio del siglo XVII con una advertencia a todos los historiadores," appears in the most recent number of the journal Anales de la Academia de Geografía e Historia de Guatemala.

Dr. Laurie Stoff published an article entitled "The ‘Myth of the War Experience’ and Russian Wartime Nursing during World War I," in the most recent issue of Aspasia: The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women's and Gender History, Volume 6, 2012

Presentations and Other Professional Activities

Dr. Laurie Stoff was invited to present her research on the images of Russia's wartime nurses during World War I at the International Colloqium "The Great War and the Illustrated Press" at the University of Paris, Nord XIII, on June 6, 2013

Dr. Stephen Webre presented a paper entitled "A Golden Age Poet on the Lacandón Frontier: Don Diego de Vera Ordóñez de Villaquirán, Alcalde Mayor of Chiapas and Adelantado of El Prospero, 1583-1648" at the 11th Central American Historical Congress convened in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico over the summer.

Dr. Jeffery R. Hankins was one of a large body of scholars from all over the world who gathered in Edinburgh, Scotland, recently to share the results of their research at the Britain and the World Conference. His paper was titled "The Raj, the Rupee and the Railway: Challenges to India's Civil Service in the Late 19th Century."