Jeffery R. Hankins

Associate Professor of History
Interim Department Head

Jeffery R. Hankins joined the Louisiana Tech University faculty in 2004, after completing the PhD in history at Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge. He is a specialist in British history, Colonial America, and early modern European history. He also teaches courses on the history of Science. Recently Dr. Hankins published an article entitled "Crown, County, and Corporation: Colchester, the Dutch Congregation, and the Autonomy of Borough Government in Early-Seventeenth Century Essex," in Sixteenth Century Journal.

Course Number Course Name
History 102 World Civilization Since 1500 (also available on-line)
History 201 American History to 1877
History 403 History of England to 1688
History 404 History of England Since 1688
History 414 European Renaissance/Reformation History
History 417 Europe in the Age of Monarchy
History 480 History of Science and Technology (also available on-line)
History 490 Problems in Early Modern European History
History 506 Graduate Seminar in Colonial American History (also offered on-line)
History 595 Graduate Seminar in Early-Modern European History
Honors 104 (H01) Medieval and Renaissance Civilization
Honors 489 History of Law (History Honors Seminar) - Independent Study for Undergraduate and Graduate Student(s)