Graduate Student Handbook

The Department of History offers course work leading to the Master of Arts degree. While course work is offered in many areas of history, the student will generally specialize in some phase of American, European, Latin American, or East Asian history.

In addition to providing cultural enrichment, the graduate program prepares students for further study, especially toward the doctorate. The program is also an excellent enhancement for careers in secondary school or junior college teaching, and may be pursued either prior to or after completing a teacher certification program.

Students in the Department of History's MA program are responsible for reading and understanding all of the material contained in this handbook.

  1. Admission Requirements for the Department of History
  2. Graduate School Admission Procedures
  3. Degree Programs
  4. Plan of Study and Graduate Committee
  5. Grading System
  6. Regulations for Enrollment, Registration, and Graduation
  7. Financial Assistance
  8. Academic Misconduct and the Honor Code

Please note: Much of this material is taken from chapters 4 and 16 of the Louisiana Tech catalog.