Graduate School Handbook

Admissions Requirement for the Masters of Arts in History

To receive unconditional admission to the MA program in History, a student must have the following:

  • a minimum GPA of 2.50 (on a 4.0 system) from an accredited institution on all work or a 2.75 on the last 60 hours attempted,
  • 21 hours credit for undergraduate courses in history, and
  • a valid GRE score of at least 147 on the verbal portion of the exam (V) or combined 285 on the verbal and quantitative portions of the exam (V+Q).

Students who do not meet these requirements may be eligible for conditional admission (see below).

Conditional Admission for the MA in History

Conditional admission may be gained by those applicants not qualified for unconditional admission, while satisfying or validating his/her undergraduate deficiencies or meeting other conditions of admission. To receive conditional admission, an applicant to the History Master's Program may be admitted conditionally upon receipt of documentation that he/she has satisfied any one of the following criteria:

  1. a GRE score of at least 293 (V + Q),
  2. a GRE score of at least 154 (V only),
  3. a minimum GPA of 3.0 on 9 semester hours of graduate courses in history taken as an unclassified student (note: prior approval from the graduate director in history is required for such graduate courses to be applied to the MA degree.), or
  4. a minimum GPA of 3.1 on 21 semester hours or more of undergraduate courses in history.

Note: Students have 9 hours in which to fulfill conditions of admission. If the conditions are not removed after 9 hours of course work, the applicant will be dropped from the Graduate School.

Graduate School Admission Procedures

Application forms for admission may be obtained from the Graduate School or downloaded from the Graduate School web site. All necessary official transcripts, standardized test scores, and admission application forms with any required fees must be received in the Graduate School at least 4 weeks in advance of registration for the session in which the student expects to enroll. Transcripts must be mailed directly from the college/university to Louisiana Tech. Any credentials missing before a student's first complete term of enrollment will result in the student not receiving graduate credit, nor will an official Louisiana Tech academic transcript be provided to the student.

A student will not receive graduate credit for any course taken unless he or she has complied with the admission procedures and has been accepted for admission to the Graduate School.

Summary of Admission Procedures
  • Obtain application for admission form from Graduate School - 5 weeks prior to registration.
    • International students should obtain an admission application far enough in advance of deadlines to allow sufficient processing time and make the necessary travel arrangements to arrive on campus prior to registration.
  • Return completed forms and application fee to the Graduate School - 4 weeks prior to registration.
    • International students should return completed forms and application fee by the deadlines for international students as listed on the application.
  • Request all official transcripts and test scores be sent to the Graduate School.
  • Follow registration procedures outlined on the Louisiana Tech web site (B.O.S.S.) or in the quarterly Schedule of Classes ("The Racing Form") available from the University Registrar during each registration period.
Transfer Admissions

Students desiring to transfer to the Graduate School of Louisiana Tech University must meet the same requirements as an entering graduate student. Complete and official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended, whether credit was earned or transferable, must be mailed directly from the institution to Louisiana Tech. Students who fail to acknowledge attendance at any college or university in which they have been registered are subject to having their admission canceled or, if enrolled, to being dismissed from Louisiana Tech. Evaluations concerning probation, suspension, grades, grade point average, hours pursued, and hours earned are based on Louisiana Tech's standards regardless of prior determinations at the other institutions attended. No student is admitted if under academic or disciplinary suspension from another college or university. No credit earned while under suspension from another institution is accepted toward a degree at Louisiana Tech.

Admission by transfer:
  1. Student must meet Tech's entrance requirements.
  2. Student must be eligible to re-enter the institution from which the applicant is transferring.
  3. Student must acknowledge attendance at any institution.
International student transfer:

In addition to meeting the academic criteria for transfer, the International Student Office will handle the immigration transfer process for international students arriving from other U.S. schools including issuing a new I-20 immigration document. Students usually receive the I-20 when they arrive on campus so that the transfer can be completed legally and safely. Students must have an official from the previous school sign a "Foreign Student Advisor Transfer Report" and return it to the Louisiana Tech University International Student Office before their arrival.

Note to International Graduate Students: Upon arrival at Louisiana Tech, an international graduate student must enroll for a minimum of one quarter in the program he or she was approved for and admitted to. After fulfilling this requirement, a student may apply for transfer to another program by following the Graduate School's admission procedures.


Policies governing the submission of transcripts for all graduate students are as follows:

  • Transcripts must be mailed directly from the college/university to Louisiana Tech University.
  • Students in pursuit of a master's degree or applying for unclassified status must submit all official undergraduate transcripts (regardless of the number of colleges attended in order to earn the baccalaureate degree) so that a full evaluation of the grade point average may be made. In addition, all transcripts of any graduate work attempted at other colleges and universities are required.
  • Students in pursuit of a doctoral degree must submit all official transcripts (undergraduate and graduate) for evaluation of eligibility for these programs.
  • Students in pursuit of the "Master's Plus 30" program must submit only the official transcript certifying receipt of the master's degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Students applying for transient status must submit only an official copy of a transcript certifying that they are actively pursuing an advanced degree at another institution.
  • If permission to enter the Graduate School is given prior to graduation, this admission is automatically withdrawn if the Bachelor's degree is not awarded before the date of registration.
Graduate Non-Degree Admission Categories

Students seeking graduate credit but not seeking a higher degree must meet the same academic requirements for admission to Graduate School as students admitted to work toward a master's degree. Application of credit earned as graduate Unclassified toward a graduate degree will require unconditional admission to a graduate program, a written appeal for degree credit by the student, and approval by the college administering the program. Up to 12 semester credit hours so earned may be applied to a master's degree.


Students admitted to a graduate program at another institution wishing to take a course(s) for transfer credit may be allowed to take such a course(s) with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies in the college in which he or she would normally enroll. Students applying for transient status must submit only an official copy of a transcript certifying that they are actively pursuing an advanced degree at another institution. A maximum of 12 hours of transient credit will be allowed. Transcripts shall note that such credit is for transfer only.

Life-Long Learning (LLL) (including Master's +30)

Students wishing to enroll in this non-degree category must complete a Graduate School Application, pay the application fee, provide an official copy of a baccalaureate degree-posted transcript, meet course prerequisites, and understand that they are not admitted to a graduate degree program. Teachers may use their state certification in lieu of an official transcript for admission to Life-Long Learning status. Standardized test scores, such as GRE and GMAT, are not required for admission to the Life-Long Learning category. There is no limit to the number of courses that students may take in this category as long as they maintain the minimum grade standards set for Conditional Admission to the Graduate School.

Students may apply for a graduate degree program at any time by completing a Graduate School Application and by meeting the application requirements for that specific program. Upon admission to a graduate degree program, students may request that a maximum of 12 total semester hours of graduate credit earned under Life-Long Learning be applied to the graduate degree program by special permission of the College and Committee Chairperson assigned to the student's degree program. These courses will be specifically identified on the Plan of Study.

Inter-Institutional Cooperative Program (ICP)

Students may enroll in graduate courses through the ICP program between Louisiana Tech and Grambling State University. Students participating in the ICP program must apply for transient status and follow the appropriate admission procedures. Courses taken through the ICP program must be included on a student's approved Plan of Study in order to count towards degree requirements, and all course prerequisites must be met. Students not in good standing at one university are not eligible to enroll in graduate courses at the other university. Additional information may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, 318/257-2176.

Residency Regulations for Tuition Purposes

The residence status of an applicant or student is determined in accordance with the University of Louisiana System regulations and is based upon evidence provided in the application for admission and related documents. Residency status is not determined for students registered for 3 credit hours or less. All students classified incorrectly as residents are subject to reclassification and payment of all non-resident fees not paid. If incorrect classification results from false or concealed facts by the student, the student is also subject to university discipline. Students should refer to the conditions used to determine residency status under the "Undergraduate Admissions" heading at the beginning of this Catalog for specific residency classification regulations. Any appeals of residency classification should follow the guidelines provided.


Applicants for readmission to Louisiana Tech must complete a new application for admission form when the student has not been enrolled for two or more quarters (except for the summer term), and a new application fee is required.

If a student has been out of school for only one regular quarter (excluding the summer term), then a written request for readmission (readmission form) to the same degree program should be submitted to the Graduate School. There is no application fee required for this process. However, students changing degree programs will need to complete a new application for admission and pay an application fee unless the degree program is within the same college of their current degree program.

Graduating Seniors as Part-Time Graduate Students

A graduating senior at Louisiana Tech University in the last quarter of his/her academic program who has a 3.0 or better average on all work attempted may be permitted to take a combined load of undergraduate courses and courses for graduate credit (500 level) not to exceed 12 semester hours with a limit of 4 hours for graduate credit. Students must obtain the recommendation of the appropriate college Graduate Director and written approval by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Baccalaureate and Master's Program Concurrent Enrollment

Undergraduate seniors who have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.2 on all undergraduate work attempted may be allowed to register for graduate credit if they meet the following criteria listed in the University of Louisiana System regulations for students desiring concurrent enrollment in baccalaureate and master's degree programs. Students not meeting undergraduate preparatory requirements will not be eligible for this program.

  • Student must obtain written approval of the appropriate graduate director/coordinator, academic dean, and the Dean of the Graduate School.
  • Student must provide a minimum of 2 letters of reference along with a graduate application and application fee.
  • Student lacks no more than 30 semester hours to complete baccalaureate degree requirements.
  • Student may earn no more than 12 graduate credit hours while completing baccalaureate requirements.
  • Courses taken for graduate credit cannot be used to satisfy undergraduate requirements.
  • The student retains the undergraduate status until he/she is awarded the baccalaureate degree.
  • While in the concurrent program, the student shall maintain a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0.

At the time of matriculation from the baccalaureate program and upon application to the graduate program, students enrolled in the Baccalaureate and Master's Concurrent Enrollment Program will be required to meet the same admission requirements as other applicants to the Graduate School.

Students seeking admission to a Master's program, other than the program in which they were granted concurrent enrollment, must meet the same admission requirements as other applicants to the program to which they are seeking admission. GRE and GMAT scores will be waived for students admitted to the Baccalaureate and Master's Concurrent Enrollment Program provided they continue to pursue the degree for which they were initially admitted and maintain all other conditions to retain graduate status.

General Requirements for All Advanced Degrees Courses

All 500-level courses are open to graduate students. Courses numbered in the 600- and 700-level generally require doctoral classification and are specifically associated with doctoral programs. There are courses numbered in the 400-level that are usually for seniors but may carry graduate credit. Graduate students taking 400-level courses for graduate credit are required to undertake additional work in order to bring the course requirements up to graduate level.

The semester hour is the unit of credit at Louisiana Tech. Most courses carry a credit of 3 semester hours. Credit for each course is indicated by a three-digit numerical description, for example, 0-3-3: the first number indicates laboratory contact hours per week; the second, lecture periods per week; and the third, credit in semester hours.

Courses taken by graduate students that do not appear on an approved plan of study will not apply toward meeting the requirements of any graduate degree. In order to pursue and/or receive a graduate degree, students must first be admitted to that specific degree program.