Graduate School Handbook

Degree Notes:

  • With approval from the graduate director, the student may have 6 hours other than history, but it may not count as part of the 500-level requirement.
  • Upon approval of the department involved, a maximum of 12 semester hours of graduate resident credit, or 1/3 of the hours required for the master's degree, may be transferred for degree credit from a U.S. regionally accredited college or university. The grade earned must be a B or above, and the credits are accepted as applicable to the master's degree program by the student's academic college.
  • Maximum of 9 hours of independent study courses (History 510, Liberal Arts 503)
  • Since most members of the department's graduate faculty are on nine-month appointments, the department cannot guarantee that faculty will be available to administer M.A. examinations or read theses during the summer quarter. For this reason, students are advised not to count on being able to graduate in summer quarter. Students whose plans call for graduation in summer are advised to seek commitments of availability from affected faculty members well in advance. If faculty members cannot be available, the student cannot graduate.
  • Every candidate for the Master of Arts degree in History must pass written examinations covering his or her entire program of study.
  • All history courses numbered 400 or above in the current Catalog of Louisiana Tech University, unless otherwise designated, are acceptable for credit toward the degree of Master of Arts with a major in history.