Authors and their essays that comprise the book are: 

Alan Brinkley, “Robert Penn Warren, T. Harry Williams, and Huey Long: Mass Politics in the Literary and Historical Imaginations,”

Glen Jeansonne, “Huey Long and the Uses of Power,”

Edward F. Haas, “My First Days in the White House: The Presidential Fantasy of Huey Pierce Long,”

Henry C. Dethloff, “Huey Long and Populism,” Matthew J. Schott, “Huey Long, The Biographer, and the Question of Character,”

Mark T. Carleton, “The Longs and the Anti-Longs,” Michael L. Kurtz, “Longism and Organized Crime,”

Glenn R. Conrad, “Huey Long and Two Louisiana Historians: An Editor’s Critique of Two Biographies,”

Ed Reed, “The Huey Long Murder Case Solved?,”

David Zinman, “Who Killed the Kingfish?,” and

Donald Moreau, “The State Police Investigates the Long Assassination.”