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Huey at 100
Who was Huey Long? What did he achieve as governor and as United States senator? How has his career affected Louisiana history? In 1993, at a symposium at LouisianaTechUniversity commemorating the centennial of Long's birth, eight historians addressed these questions, building upon and sometimes challenging earlier biographies. Three other speakers, two journalists and a criminal investigator, examined the controversial circumstances surrounding Long's death.
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HUEY AT 100: Centennial Essays on Huey P. Long  Edited by Glen Jeansonne
August, 1995;  ISBN: 0-940231-08-5;  Cost: $22.95  $16.95
191 pages, sources, illustrations, index, hardback

End of the Land
A history of the Henry Marshall family that moved from the South Carolina Piedmont to North Louisiana. Chronicled are descriptions of Land'sEndPlantation and everyday life-social activities, education, recreations, religion, subsistence, travels-from the 1830s to the Civil War.
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END OF THE LAND: A South Carolina Family on the Louisiana Frontier 
McGinty Monograph Series     Author: Goodloe Stuck 
December, 1992;  ISBN: 0-940231-07-7;  Cost: $24.95  $19.95
228 pages, sources, illustrations, index, hardback 

War, Reconstruction and Redemption
Moore 's reminiscences include her journey from South Carolina to Louisiana on the eve of the Civil War and descriptions of hill-country life in North Louisiana, including her adult life at Loyd Hall on Bayou Boeuf. Also of interest are her accounts of the Union Army's drive up Red River , the burning of Alexandria , and the Colfax Riot during Reconstruction. Social life of the plantation gentry described by Moore includes ring tournaments, cotillions, and sugar-house parties.
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The Memoirs of Dosia Williams Moore   Edited by Carol Wells
May, 1991;  ISBN: 0-940231-06-9;  Cost: $19.95  $15.95
135 pages, index, hardback

Confederate Neckties
Louisiana's railroads supplied food to the people of New Orleans and helped evacuate General Mansfield Lowell's Confederate Army. The V.S .&T. and the Southern Pacific were links in the Trans-Mississippi supply route. The author describes how both Union and Confederate forces attempted to exploit the railroads. (more detailed description)
CONFEDERATE NECKTIES: Louisiana Railroads in the Civil War
McGinty Monograph Series Author: Lawrence E. Estaville, Jr. 
October, 1989;  ISBN: 0-940231-05-0;  Cost: $16.95  $12.50
123 pages, sources, illustrations, index, hardback

Political Leadership
This analysis of political leadership in New Orleans describes how the Regular Democrats, with the support of working-class whites and immigrants, exercised control over the more reform-minded business and professional Citizens League. Both factions were dedicated to white supremacy, and their rivalry dominated politics in Louisiana until the advent of Huey Long in 1928. 
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New Orleans in the Progressive Era, 1897-1902
McGinty Monograph Series     Author: Edward F. Haas
December, 1988;   ISBN: 0-940231-04-2;  Cost: $15.95  $11.95
175 pages, sources, illustrations, appendices, index, hardcover

This volume consists of selections from Wiley W. Hilburn, Jr.'s "Fragments" column, which has appeared in The Times (of Shreveport) since 1978. The selections reveal an intensely personal view of North Louisiana: personalities, politics, personal experiences, humor and the North Louisiana landscape.  OUT OF PRINT
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FRAGMENTS: Wiley W. Hilburn, Jr. 's North Louisiana 
Edited by Billy H. Gilley; January 1987; ISBN: 0-940231-00-X;  
352 pages, illus., index 

Denis-Nicolas Foucault
Blending the French documentary record with existing scholarly accounts, this study presents a fresh perspective of the rebellion stemming from France 's transfer of the Louisiana colony to Spain at the end of the French and Indian War. The role of the ordonnateur, Denis-Nicolas Foucault, is amplified. Of special interest are the shortcomings of French colonial policy toward Louisiana. OUT OF PRINT more detailed description

McGinty Monograph Series     Author: Carl A. Brasseaux
April, 1987;  ISBN: 0-940231-01-8; 
104 pages, index, hardcover

This volume defines the antebellum outlines of North Louisiana. The essayists delineate the historical and geographic forces that have shaped the development of the North Louisiana region. Themes treated are the colonial rivalries of France, SpainEngland, plantation agriculture along the Mississippi, Ouachita, and RedRivers, yeoman farmers and small planters,  transportation, ethnicity, politics, religion, education, and the Civil War.   more detailed description        list of contributions
NORTH LOUISIANA, VOLUME ONE: To 1865, Essays on the Region and Its History
Edited by Billy H. Gilley; March, 1984; ISBN: 0-940231-03-4; Cost: $12.95  OUT OF PRINT
214 pages, sources, index


This brief biography of Colonel Israel Shreve, father of Shreveport founder Henry Miller Shreve, affords the reader a perspective of the conflict with Great Britain not often enjoyed, that of a Quaker farmer who labored unspectacularly but faithfully in the cause of independence.   more detailed description

ISRAEL SHREVE: Revolutionary War Office by William Y. Thompson
McGinty Monograph Series;  May, 1979; ISBN: 0-940231-02-6;  Cost: $4.80  $3.50
100 pages, sources, index, hardback


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