Political Science is the study of government and politics. As an academic discipline it deals with the practice of politics and the description and analysis of political institutions and political behavior. A political science undergraduate degree is a typical and excellent preparation for law school and the practice of law as a career. At higher levels, positions may require graduate training in particular political science subfields, such as public administration, public policy, or international relations. Students contemplating these higher-level positions need to remember that a strong undergraduate record is necessary for admission to graduate school. Employment by interest groups and associations who lobby or interact with government is another area of opportunity. Many political science majors find employment in business. Journalism and the military are other fields in which the knowledge of national and international affairs is particularly appropriate. A career in education--teaching government or political science--is another possible career choice.


Dr. Robert Toburen
Dr. Jo Richardson
Dr. Jason Pigg
Freshman Year    Sophomore Year
Engl.101,102,201 9   Art, Music,
Speech 290, or HPE 280
Geography 3    Elective 3
Hist.101,102,201 9    English 2023
Math 101,114 or 125
or Stat 200
6   Foreign Lang.6
Science3     History 202 3
Speech 110 3   Pol.Sci.201,302,
and PS Elective
       Science 3
Total Hours: 33
    Total Hours: 30

Junior Year      Senior Year
Economics 2153   Electives 15
Foreign Lang.6    Political Sci.12
Philosophy3   Computer Lit. 3
Pol. Sci. 345 and
PS Electives
Soc 201 and
Soc Elective
and PS Elective
Science 3
Total Hours: 30
      Total Hours: 30

Total Semester Hours= 123
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