The Department of Social Sciences is home to Geography, Geographic Information Science, Political Science, Political Science with a Pre-Law Concentration, Sociology, and The Waggonner Center. Our disciplines study a wide range of individual, institutional, and social behavior, and provide a means of gaining intellectual approaches that will be rewarding for a lifetime as well as a degree that will lead to many exciting career options.

Main Dept. of Social Science Office:

Department of Social Sciences
P.O. Box 9988
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA 71272

(318) 257-3427

(318) 257-2323 fax

Faculty/Staff Contact Information:

Dr. Jason Pigg, Dept. Head click to send email (318) 257-3427
Dr. Christobel Asiedu click to send email (318) 257-4143
Dr. Irene Casas click to send email (318) 257-2774
Dr. Taylor E. Mack click to send email (318) 257-4741
Dr. Mark O. Melder click to send email (318) 257-5485
Dr. Jeremy J. Mhire click to send email (318) 257-5486
Dr. Jo A. Richardson click to send email (318) 257-4784
Ms. Emily Webb, Office Manager click to send email (318) 257-3427