Courses in Geography

GEOG 203: Physical Geography.
0-3-3. Fundamentals of physical and biogeography. Topics include surface and fluvial geomorphology, weather, climate, and biogeography. Statewide Transfer Agreement Course*.

GEOG 205: Cultural Geography.
0-3-3. Discussion of the spatial patterns of the human world; people, their culture, their livelihoods, and their imprints of the landscape. Statewide Transfer Agreement Course*. (IER)

GEOG 210: World Regional Geography.
0-3-3. Introduction to place and spatial relationships around the globe, with an emphasis on the developing world. (IER)

GEOG 290: Geography of Popular Culture.
0-3-3. Examines the patterns and processes of American popular culture. Topics include the geography of sports, music, television, movies, and popular architecture.

GEOG 310: Geography of Louisiana.
0-3-3. Open only to junior, senior and graduate students. The climate, natural regions, and resources of Louisiana; cultural development, sources and distribution of the population; settlements and agriculture.

GEOG 312: Race and Ethnic Relations.
0-3-3. Preq., SOC 201 or GEOG 205 or 210. Factors and conditions which underlie disagreement about fundamental values; their relation to social maladjustment; evaluation of theories; group approaches to reintegration. Also listed as SOC 312.

GEOG 321: American Landscapes.
0-3-3. Folk, vernacular, and popular landscape items are explored. Special attention is given to developing student's ability to "read" the American landscape as text.

GEOG 331: Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean.
0-3-3. Preq., GEOG 203 or GEOG 205 or GEOG 210. Provides a broad introduction of Latin America and the Caribbean, and includes a focus on both the physical and cultural dimensions of the region. (IER)

GEOG 341: Computer Cartography.
3-2-3. Preq., GISC 250. Elements of map interpretation and construction: creation, manipulation, and analysis of spatially defined data. Also listed as GISC 341.

GEOG 371: Advanced Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis.
3-2-3. Preq., GISC 350. Advanced techniques in Geographic Information Systems, integrated with intermediate level spatial analysis. Also listed as GISC 371.

GEOG 440: Economic Geography.
0-3-3. A spatial perspective is used to examine economic principles. Topics include transportation, retail and industrial site location analysis, and the political/space economy.

GEOG 470: Urban Geography.
0-3-3. Patterns and processes of large North American cities are examined. Topics covered include urban politics, race, government housing policy, urban revitalization and gentrification.

GEOG 490: Perspectives on Place and Space.
0-3-3. Preq., GEOG 205 or 290, or permission of instructor. This course introduces advanced students in the social sciences to "new cultural geography" perspectives, critical theory, and cultural studies approaches to place and space.