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Vol.79, No. 1
June 24, 2004

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2004-2005 Advertising
Rates and Data
Editors Note: The following information is for print advertising only. Online advertising is not available. A PDF version of this information (including the 2004-2005 publication schedule) is available at

Publication Schedule

September 23, 30
October 7, 14, 21, 28
November 4, 11
December 9
January 13, 21, 27
February 3, 17
March 24
April 7, 14, 21, 28
May 5, 12

John Newland, Advertising Manager (318) 257-4949
Dr. Eddie Blick, Advertising Adviser (318) 257-4427

National Representatives
Campus Media Group, Inc.
Box 141019
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(651) 641-0133

360 Youth
26 Castilian Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
(805) 968-8000

Commission & Terms of Payment
The Tech Talk accepts Discover, MasterCard and Visa as payment for ads. In accordance with Louisiana Tech University and State of Louisiana policies, a 2% surcharge will be added to all payments made by credit card.

A 2% discount is available when payment is made at the time an order is placed for an ad.

A 10% discount is available when an advertiser places a single order for an ad to appear in three or more issues in one calendar month. This discount is not available for calendar months in which fewer than three issues are published.

R.O.P. Rates and Rate Policy
Local Advertising
$5.00 per column inch
Full page $637.50
Half page 318.75
Quarter page 159.38

A service charge of 1 1/2% per month (18% annual finance charge) is charged on all accounts 30 days past due.

National Advertising
$13.73 per column inch

Rate Requirements/Retail Advertising
An advertiser is entitled to the retail display advertising rate when selling exclusively and directly to the public through one or more retail stores owned entirely by the advertiser within the state of Louisiana.

To qualify for a retail rate, an association must:

  • Be a bonafide retail association buying and selling as a group and not conceived for the sole purpose of advertising.
  • Sell the same category of merchandise through one or more retail outlets directly to the public.
  • Offer, in common, all merchandise depicted in the advertisement.
  • Have one or more retail outlets within the state of Louisiana.
  • Advertise under the association's logotype.
  • Agree to accept all billing.

Preprint Rate and Policy
The Tech Talk does not accept inserts.

Group Combination Rates
Not applicable.

Color Rates (Net)
One color $90
Two colors 155
Process color 220

Process Separations
Price on request.


  • Separations provided by advertisers should include color keys or color proofs.
  • Material for separations must be provided as color transparency (color slide up to 8" x 10").
  • One week deadline for color separation work.

Special R.O.P. Units
Standard Advertising Units

Retail and classified advertising accepted in Standard Advertising Units. A.N.P.A. sizes 1-25 available.

Split Run
Not applicable.

Production Information

  • The Tech Talk accepts ads submitted electronically in either JPEG or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Submission in any other format is done at the advertiser's risk.
  • Ads submitted electronically should be via e-mail as attachments to AND to
  • Camera-ready ads must be of a quality acceptable to the advertising and production staffs.

Special Days/Pages/Features
Not applicable.

R.O.P. Depth Requirements
See "Mechanical Measurements."

Contract and Copy Regulations
The Tech Talk has no contract rates.

Copy Regulations

  • All advertising is subject to approval by the Advertising Manager.
  • Alcoholic beverage advertisements are accepted.
  • The word "Advertisement" must be printed across the top of any advertisement resembling editorial or news matter.
  • The Tech Talk reserves the right to revise or reject, at our discretion, any advertisement which we deem objectionable, whether for subject matter, graphics, phraseology or setup.
  • Price comparison advertising that mentions by name a specific store is subject to prior approval by the Advertising Manager.
  • All copy is subject to approval by the Advertising Manager.

Author's Alterations
Changes from original copy will be made only when time permits and charged at the rate of $7.25 a quarter hour plus a $5 flat charge. These charges will only go into effect after a normal time based on ad size.


  • Allowances for errors are given as monetary credit or reruns.
  • The amount of allowance is based on the impact of the error as it affects the entire advertisement.
  • Telephone or verbal instructions will not be considered as a basis for adjustment unless these instructions are confirmed in writing by the advertiser before insertion.
  • No allowances will be given for the omission of a complete advertisement. The Tech Talk assumes no liability for such an omission.
  • No allowance will be given if position requests cannot be honored.

Closing Times

Any copy received after deadline has no guarantee of publication. Final ad deadline is 3 p.m. on the Monday prior to Thursday publication. Final cancellation deadline is 3 p.m. on Monday prior to Thursday publication.

Mechanical Requirements

  • The Tech Talk is printed using the offset method. Material submitted for reproduction must be camera-ready artwork or reproduction proofs with 85 line screen photographic units.
  • Display advertising pages are 6 columns by 21.25 inches deep, 127.5 inches to a page. Any ad exceeding 18 inches in depth is charged at full depth.
  • Standard widths are:
    Columns Inches
    1 2 1/16
    2 4 1/4
    3 6 7/16
    4 8 5/8
    5 10 13/16
    6 13
    Columns are 2 1/6" wide with 1/8" between columns.

Special Classification Rates
Not applicable.

Classified Rates
Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Not applicable.

The Market

Louisiana Tech University is located in Ruston, in Lincoln Parish in North Louisiana. Ruston is a town of more than 20,000 people, and Louisiana Tech has an enrollment of approximately 12,000.

Located on I-20, Ruston has easy access to Shreveport, Louisiana, one hour west, and Monroe, Louisiana, 30 minutes east.

Marketing research studies of The Tech Talk conducted by the College of Administration and Business show The Tech Talk with a readership well into the 90% range over the years.

SAU (Standard Advertising Unit)
Ad Sizes and Prices
1x1 $5.00 3x13 $195.00
1x1.5 $7.50 3x14 $210.00
1x2 $10.00 3x15.75 $236.25
1x3 $15.00 3x18 $270.00
1x3.5 $17.50 3x21.25 $318.75
1x5.25 $26.25 4x5.25 $105.00
1x7 $35.00 4x7 $140.00
1x10.5 $52.50 4x10.5 $210.00
1x10.625 $53.13 4x10.625 $212.50
1x13 $65.00 4x13 $260.00
1x14 $70.00 4x14 $280.00
1x15.75 $78.75 4x15.75 $315.00
1x18 $90.00 4x18 $360.00
1x21.25 $106.25 4x21.25 $425.00
2x2 $20.00 5x7 $175.00
2x3 $30.00 5x10.5 $262.50
2x3.5 $35.00
5x10.625 $265.63
2x5.25 $52.50 5x13 $325.00
2x7 $70.00 5x14 $350.00
2x10.5 $105.00 5x15.75 $393.75
2x10.625 $106.25
5x18 $450.00
2x13 $130.00 5x21.25 $531.25
2x14 $140.00 6x7 $210.00
2x15.75 $157.50 6x10.5 $315.00
2x18 $180.00 6x10.625 $318.75
2x21.25 $212.50 6x13 $390.00
3x5.25 $78.75 6x14 $420.00
3x7 $105.00 6x15.75 $472.50
3x10.5 $157.50 6x18 $540.00
3x10.625 $159.38 6x21.25 $637.50


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