By JJ MARSHALL jjm023@latech





Ruston Police are investigating an altercation between Tulane football players and members of Tech’s Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Ruston Police Department received a 911 call at 10:25 p.m., Sept. 24 from the KA house, located at 214 Westwood Dr., about a possible fight.

Members of the KA fraternity told responding officers that members of the Tulane football team entered the fraternity house and became involved in a dispute.

During the altercation, two members of the fraternity and a female guest sustained minor injuries, Ruston Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Curtis Hawkins said in a press release.

The dispute started with an incident the night before during the KA’s “Bid Night” party, Hawkins said.

“The initial investigation indicates that an unidentified member of the Tulane football program, who did not travel with the team to a game in Dallas, reportedly showed up uninvited at the party,” Hawkins said. “Members of the KA Fraternity advised him that it was a ‘closed’ party and that the Tulane player needed to leave. Tempers then flared and the individual reportedly became angry and left the area.”

Ruston Police are now working with Tech and Tulane officials to determine the identities of all participants, Hawkins said.

“We’re still waiting to hear from the victims to tell us whether they want to press charges or not,” Hawkins said.

Dickie Crawford, dean of student affairs, said Tulane officials, as well as Ruston and Tech Police, are still gathering information.

“We want to make a decision based on facts instead of jumping to conclusions,” Crawford said.

The investigation is making progress, Crawford said.

“We’re not delaying,” Crawford said, “We just want all the details.”

Tech officials will make decisions dealing with the student aspect of the investigation, Crawford said.

“There are separate consequences that can come from the Tulane Athletic Department and Ruston Police,” Crawford said. “And we are dealing with the consequences participants will face as Tech students.”

Claudia Thomas, a junior family and child studies major, said the incident is shocking.

“It makes me angry to think that guests on our campus would behave like that,” Thomas said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

She also believes it is not a reflection of the way most evacuees have acted.

“I thought everything was going smooth until this happened,” Thomas said.

“This just leaves a black eye on a situation that was hard enough on everyone as it already was.”

Tulane head coach Chris Scelfo said, “I apologize to the campus for the incident; that won’t happen again.”