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College-age voters target of '04 campaign

This item originally appeared in the October 7, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

You know politics are cool when celebrities show up at party conventions, and the daughters of the candidates show up at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Young people everywhere are being bombarded with voter registration drives and campaigns such as Rock the Vote, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network and the World Wrestling Federation's Smackdown Your Vote.

So, why are young voters the subject of these political campaigns?

Perhaps it is because college students will be the ones making a difference in this election.

Recent surveys have shown that youth interest is among the highest it has ever been (besides the 1972 election when 18 - 20-year-olds first got the right to vote).

It is important that college students pay attention to this election. The issues being debated will affect this age group for years to come.

The war in Iraq, a possible draft, same-sex marriage and education costs are on everyone's mind.

With these issues being important to us, it is possible that voter turnout for college students will be significant this election year.

Tech students should get involved with this election and end the reputation of college students being apathetic toward politics.

No matter what party you are affiliated with or who you are voting for, every amount of energy you spend on this election will make a difference.

Watch the debates. Join the College Democrats or Republicans. Read the newspaper. Research the candidates.

Step away from the computer games, and get out there and vote on Nov. 2.

We are lucky to even have a say in this election. Think of those our age in other countries who do not have a right to protest, speak their minds or vote in politics. We need to show our interest in this election and make sure our voices are heard.

If you are content with the way things are being run, this is your chance to express that opinion.

If you are ready to see a change in the government, this is your chance to express your desire to see that difference.

If you really think your involvement in the campaign will not make a difference, think about the impact every vote will make. If you think that just one vote will not make a difference, think about the 2000 election.

It is going to be a close race. And, hopefully, our age group will be the one to shine with the most involvement.

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