School spirit is a must

Who’s got spirit

Who’s got spirit? Tech football fans do.

Over 17,000 people attended Tech’s first home game of the season despite both teams’ losing records, and 16,242 fans returned for last Saturday’s game against the Warriors of University of Hawaii-Monoa. Joe Aillet Stadium was filled with cheers, jeers and great expectations.

Now that the Bulldogs have beaten one of their top contenders in the Western Athletic Conference, fans should get excited about the team’s chances for the rest of the season. At each of these games, it was abundantly clear why the home team had such an advantage.

Because both of these home games were at night, more students were able to go and not worry about being overcome by the afternoon sun and heat. Tech’s administration has listened and responded to students’ requests to hold the games in the evening, when the time is ripe for food, fun and football festivities.

Team spirit has been maximized by the invention of Tech Blue Friday, which no doubt shows support for the 60 or more football players who represent Tech while playing in games as far away as Idaho, California and Hawaii.

Another event that helps give Bulldog fans some bite during the game is Bark Practice. This practice prepares fans by allowing them to learn cheers and gets them and their organizations to participate in spirit competitions.

Tech supporters have shown their belief in the team by making signs, covering themselves in blue and cramming themselves into the stands to cheer unprompted and unabated for the Bulldogs. They sang and cheered long after the band quit playing and the cheerleaders quit leading them. They even booed, shouted and cursed on behalf of the Bulldogs.

It was clear during both home games that the players reacted to the crowd’s positive and uplifting cheers and attitude.

Just think what all that positive energy  could do for Tech’s other athletic teams.

Fall in Tech athletics also means sports like women’s soccer and volleyball, yet these teams receive far less support or acknowledgement from students and other fans than their football brothers. These teams also earn championship trophies and WAC Player-of-the-Week awards even if no one is there to cheer them on. Their games are also free with a valid Tech ID.

Tomorrow, Tulane football will play at Aillet Stadium. Fans are expected to show up in record numbers to show their support for Tech students who are a part of the Tulane football team.

Also, don’t forget to pack the stands when the Bulldogs play North Texas Oct. 22 for Homecoming.

Who’s got spirit? Those who wear Tech Blue.