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This item originally appeared in the October 14, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.


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One of Sascha Poeschl's goals in life is to eliminate the prejudice American students and international students have against each other.

"A lot of the problems I face now are internationals not getting involved and sticking with themselves a lot," Poeschl said.

That is why, as president of the International Student Association and a junior architecture major, many of his days are spent trying to improve the ISA and bring American students and international students closer together.

Poeschl, one of two German students at Tech, said he has plans for each international student, and those plans are to help them move forward and get more involved.

Poeschl also said when he started school in 2002 he wanted to become active so he joined the ISA Cultural Committee.

"By the end of my first year I ran for secretary and just climbed up after that," Poeschl said.

Poeschl said he got help from the International Student Office.

"I couldn't do my job without them," Poeschl said.

Sandra George, coordinator of the International Student Office, said Poeschl will serve his term as president while the ISA is in the rebuilding stage, but he is already providing good leadership.

"Sascha always has a smile on his face, and he is off to a good start as president," George said.

Erickson said the ISO wants to help the ISA as much as possible without doing all the work for them.

"We want to be as supportive as we can be without influencing them too much, but we realize how important the ISA is," Erickson said.

"ISA and the ISO are more of a partnership, and if the relationship breaks down the students suffer."

Poeschl said he likes the selection of students involved in the ISA.

"I represent Germany here with one other German, but I like how it's not just the majority groups that represent the ISA," Poeschl said.

Erickson said he agrees with Poeschl.

He sees the respect he gets from the other international students.

"The fact that he was elected by a majority of Indian and Asian students says that he has respect across the board," Erickson said.

Poeschl said as president he faces challenges because of the lack of involvement of international students.

Poeschl said he is always stressing one major thing throughout meetings, which is for his board and the international students to do more together with students from other countries and the surrounding community.

Erickson said, "Presidents have to get people together, run the meetings and be responsible for everyone doing their work, and Sascha has done that so far."

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