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This item originally appeared in the October 14, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

Congratulations, Tommy Tuberville.

You've successfully taken a once respected program and turned it into a classless football team.

And now with a 6-0 record, you must be feeling pretty good.

Rightfully, considering you crushed the throat of an already discouraged Tech team, which lost a star player in the early part of the first quarter.

As if that wasn't good enough, you just had to get 52 points.

What purpose does it serve to run the score up in your homecoming games?

The BCS doesn't take margin of victory into its formula anymore. So, obviously, it's a question of ego.

Were you upset when Johnathan Holland blew past your safety Will Herring for Tech's only touchdown?

Did losing your precious goose egg ruin your mood?

Obviously, as if the ensuing 87-yard bomb wasn't good enough, you just had to tack on two extra touchdowns after being up 38-7.

Remember ULM in 2003? A ridiculous 73-7. Certainly there were walk-ons or fourth stringers who could have played in the second half. Certainly they could not have put up 21 third-quarter points.

Were you upset that Tech took your team to overtime in 2001, when you barely won 48-41?

Looking at the boxscore against Tech, you scored off four passes in the final two quarters after you had amassed a seemingly insurmountable 24-0 lead. The first two were halfway legit. The last two were "garbage scores" just to get above 50 points. And you were still passing the ball near the end of the game with your second-string quarterback.

To say you "ran" the score up would be absurd. You "passed" the score up.

Don't get me wrong. You've done a great job recruiting. This team is proving that, as you are playing with "your" recruits from top to bottom. You've pieced together a very talented team -- a team that is going to save your job this year.

Remember those high expectations on your 2003 team? Preseason top 5 for most people. One publication had you at a ludicrous No 1.

And how did that end?

A mediocre 7-5, followed by a Music City Bowl victory over Wisconsin that was a long way from the National Championship.

I bet many people were anxious to take back their ridiculous ranking after Georgia Tech demolished you.

I also remember some of the Auburn athletic administration traveling to Louisville to find your replacement.

Unfortunately, they were caught, and you were around to coach the Tigers another day.

Granted, Auburn did not do so hot before you came along. They finished 3-8 and last in the SEC West in the year before you got there.

But people also remember the glory days with players such as Bo Jackson and Pat Sullivan. I'm sure they didn't need to run the score up.

Not to mention, you play in a great atmosphere with wonderful fans, for the most part, who seem to overlook your greed.

Let's not forget that after swearing up and down to not leave Ole Miss, you forsook the Rebels on Nov. 28, 1998. I'm sure your fans can forget that fact.

Classy as they may be, it takes more than good-spirited fans to make a classy program. It takes a coach who knows how to win AND be humble.

Yes, 2003 will soon be forgotten for you.

Luckily, this year your team is playing without any pressure. No matter what happens in 2004, you'll probably be getting a contract extension and a smile. You know, the ear-to-ear grin that you callously put on to serve your over-sized ego.

Shame on you, Tommy Tuberville.

Kyle Roberts is a senior journalism major from Ruston and serves as associate sports editor for The Tech Talk.

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