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This item originally appeared in the October 21, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

Duran Duran


Epic Records

Grade: B+

Duran Duran has returned. After several years of mediocre music and failed albums, Duran Duran reunited to create "Astronaut." The album is a slower paced one and should be considered easy listening instead of pop but still will attract listeners. When people listen to this album, it will speak for itself.

The album begins at a decent pace and has an '80s feel. It expresses their need to get back together and try something new. The album has a different twist than their older albums and shows the band's growth.

Even if the band has not truly hit the mark of reaching a variety of audiences, there will be some people who will love this album.

As the songs of the album play, they start to sound very similar. The band adds a touch of techno to the instrumental background, but other than that, the songs start mimicking each other.

The album's namesake, "Astronaut," is techno-meets-pop. The song starts with a guitar solo that slowly turns into a combination of techno and vocals. The techno beat clashes with the instrumental aspects of the song but still adds a little extra to the music.

The lyrics are the best part of the album. The band uses the music to improve on the lyrics. As the album continues, the listener can hear the band's creativity.

The song, "Nice," best describes the merging of music and creative lyrics. The chorus is the only part that repeats, and the lyrics tell the story of emotions listeners can relate to.

This album is perfect for easy listening. So, if you enjoy fast-paced and upbeat music, you might just fall asleep. Despite that, the music is a good combination of creative lyrics, techno flourishes and soft instrumentals. Overall, this album is an improvement on their others but still does not hit the mark, giving this album a B+.

-- By Erin Hopkins, Staff Writer

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