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Alumni to return for Homecoming events

This item originally appeared in the October 21, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

Thomas Wolfe once wrote, "You can't go home again."

Wolfe must not be a Tech alumnus, because here you can come home again.

Tech encourages it. Graduates of this school are a living testament to what Tech stands for and the spirit of our university.

We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, those alumni who give back and support the college that saw them come into adulthood.

The school is in the middle of the best time of year for a college campus right now -- Homecoming Week.

Alumni from all over come home every year during this special week to mingle and visit.

But whether it is alumni who are returning to their alma mater or undergraduates who are feeling the excitement of the biggest football game of the season, the energy of Homecoming is palpable and buzzing in the air around Tech.

Homecoming is not the only time alumni are welcome around Tech. "Red, White and BLUE Dawgs" of all ages are welcome back at Tech any time, not just around the middle of every October. Even so, this one weekend is a special one for most of those who call Tech their home.

No other time of year can one find so many past and present Bulldogs in Ruston, visiting and preparing for the proverbial "big game."

The feeling of anticipation and excitement is familiar to the fans of Tech football, those thousands of die-hards who are dying for a win over the University of Texas-El Paso at Saturday's Homecoming game at Joe Aillet Stadium.

No win is sweeter for the masses of fans than victory at the Homecoming game. No loss cuts deeper than defeat at the hands of a visiting team during this most important of weeks. El Paso is looking to be that kind of team, and it will take every Tech fan's presence and excitement to fuel the Bulldogs.

Homecoming week's calendar of events is designed to create an atmosphere to encourage school spirit of every kind. That spirit will carry us through the weekend's game and, hopefully, to another Tech win.

Tonight's 6 p.m. Homecoming parade will be the next in the chain of events throughout the week, where organizations will gather for a float procession through and around campus. Tech alum Mayor Keith Hightower of Shreveport will be on hand, as well as the Homecoming court.

Friday's Sister Hazel and Blessid Union of Souls concert and announcement of the Homecoming top escort and queen at the pep rally in the Thomas Assembly Center will close out the week's events.

Saturday, after Hale Hall's dedication, let's all root for them 'Dawgs.

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