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This item originally appeared in the October 21, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.


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This year's Homecoming participation includes all Panhellenic sororities and two fraternities that will bring additional papier-mch, throws and school spirit to Tech's football Homecoming parade.

The Student Government Association made "Red, White and Blue Dawgs" the theme for this year's Homecoming parade.

Nicole Chico, president of Panhellenic and a senior speech-language pathology major, said, "The sororities like the theme because it expresses our patriotism as well as the campuses."

Sara Goubert, an Alpha Chi Omega and a junior psychology major, said, "The parade is a great way to get involved in the Homecoming Week activities."

Goubert said getting involved is a great way to get psyched for the game.

"We love supporting the team and campus activities to promote school spirit."

Jill Davis, executive vice-president of Sigma Kappa and a senior biology major, said, "It's great to see everyone's different takes on the theme.

"It adds to the parade," Davis said.

An Uncle Sam bulldog should turn heads as the float rolls down the parade route, Mindy Schwarzauer, a Kappa Delta and a junior graphic design major, said.

"Our spin on the theme this year consists of a huge bulldog with working tail and head, Schwarzauer said.

Lindsay Mencacci, vice-president of SGA and a junior biology major, said there will be 17 organizational floats, seven Homecoming vehicles, an athlete float, which will all be led by the Band of Pride.

"There was a large turn out by organizations, and the parade will be longer than last year's," Mencacci said.

Kappa Sigma and Sigma Nu are the only two fraternities in the Inter Fraternity Council participating in the parade, Mencacci said.

Jason Lyon, president of the Interfraternity Council and a senior biology major, said, "I'm happy about Sigma Nu's and Kappa Sigma's involvement.

"It should be a foundation for the rest of the fraternities to get involved in Homecoming next year."

Daniel McCullough, a Kappa Sigma pledge and a senior biology education major, said, "The float we are building will not only represent us but will also give a chance for the pledges and actives to work together for a common goal."

This will give recognition to the IFC Greeks, McCullough said.

Ray Jarvus, a Sigma Nu and a senior biology major, said, "[Sigma Nus] try supporting the school more and more every year by getting involved with campus."

"We try to show our alumni that we support the campus activities," Jarvis said.

Dickie Crawford, dean of student life and auxiliary services, said, the key to making a successful parade is organizational participation.

Crawford said, "It's outstanding that all the student organizations, especially the Greeks, are participating in the Homecoming activities."

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