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Reader supports in-state schools, disagrees with out-of-state pride

This item originally appeared in the October 21, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

Dear Editor:

This is my first quarter at LA Tech, and I love it. I've wanted to go here since my junior year of high school, but I chose a different career path and went to ULM for my first year. But since I hated it and saw how much better Tech was from my friends' points of views, I transferred this year.

It's great! The people are great, the sports are great, the classes are great and the teachers are great. However, there is something wrong. I read an article in the school paper the other day that said that people who wear LSU clothes are "in the dog house." Why is that? I've grown up cheering for LSU, not LA Tech.

If you did a poll I bet at least 85 percent of students say the same. It's not that Tech isn't good, it's just that LSU is more popular. When baseball season comes around I cheer for ULL, Tulane and LSU, as well as the Bulldogs of LA Tech.

I cheer for the Dogs and the Tigers during the fall/winter when football is being played. And, yes, I cheer for ULM when it's time for water skiing.

The point is, I love LA Tech, and I support their sports teams as much as I can, but the bottom line is that I love Louisiana.

If you have pride in another state school it shouldn't be a crime on Tech's campus.

So let's go buy an LSU hat and a few Tech T's and stop wearing clothes supporting out-of-state ball clubs. And if anyone's going to be put "in the dog house" it should be those who wear Duke hats.

Thank you,

Clint Casanova



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