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This item originally appeared in the October 21, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.


News Editor

The Tech Talk received a wake-up call last week when an error ran in the Oct. 14 issue.

Members of the staff were mortified by the faux pas while distraught students bombarded university offices with calls of concern.

"Everybody at The Tech Talk deeply regrets this error that affects the entire university," Wiley Hilburn Jr., chairman of the journalism department, said.

"This group of editors is intense and hardworking, but they won't tolerate an error of this magnitude."

Bob Vento, university registrar, said the mistake was brought to his attention at Prescott Memorial Library when he was asked, "Have you seen this morning's Tech Talk?"

Vento went immediately to the journalism department where he encountered Hilburn and later met with Sallie Rose Hollis, faculty adviser, and Dr. Eddie Blick.

Three pieces of misinformation were published. The first was an incorrect drop date written as Friday, which led the reader to believe the drop date was the next day, Friday, Oct. 15, instead of Friday, Oct. 29.

The second incorrect statement was that only one class could be dropped for a student to be considered enrolled.

"Students can be enrolled with zero hours," Vento said.

"A student can be taking a music course that doesn't have any hours. They are still enrolled."

The third statement incorrectly said students dropping more than one class would be expelled.

"[The Registrar's Office] does not expel students," Vento said. "Even students on academic suspension can return after sitting out their term."

Vento said the Office of the Registrar often coordinates with the student paper to make the students aware of important dates and deadlines. He also said this error can be used as a teaching tool for The Tech Talk staff and students.

"We rely on the paper to communicate with the student body," Vento said. "This is no harm, no foul. It's a lesson learned."

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