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Student disagrees with 'under God' in Pledge

This item originally appeared in the Oct. 30, 2003, issue of The Tech Talk.

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to Nicole Broussard's editorial "Freedom to Pledge at Risk."

I consider myself a Republican, but I have to agree with my liberal counterparts on this issue.

As a Christian, the words "under God" don't offend me, but I do believe that the inclusion of these words in our nation's Pledge of Allegiance does violate the part of the Constitution forbidding our government from establishing any form of religion.

The words in the Pledge should reflect the beliefs of all loyal Americans, and all Americans aren't required to believe in the existence of a god.

When reciting the Pledge, an atheist shouldn't have to declare that he/she lives under a god that he/she doesn't believe in.

Ms. Broussard points out that most people in the United States are Christians.

Then she says something particularly disturbing: "What ever happened to majority rules?"

Our Constitution protects the rights of all Americans, not just the majority.

One of the most precious rights given to us by the Constitution is the right to have an unpopular opinion/belief, and the rights of everyone should be upheld.

Let's keep our religious oaths in our places of worship and remember to respect the rights of all Americans, even those with whom we disagree.

Chris Monette


Industrial Engineering

Student disagrees with 'under God' in Pledge

This item originally appeared in the Oct. 30, 2003, issue of The Tech Talk.

To the editor:

I want to congratulate Jennifer Reynolds on another great article. I believe she will go far in her journalism career. She is right about Tech admission standards -- they're pretty high.

I would like to say that Louisiana Tech was one of the first public colleges in the state to establish admission standards.

This is according to my cousin, Lee Kennedy, who graduated from Tech in 2001, and is at LSU Medical School, New Orleans right now -- point being that Tech is not a good school, but a great school.

I see her point about the issue of school spirit, but I have some thoughts that explain why Tech students wear clothing representing other colleges.

I have to ask Jennifer, "Did you ask a student wearing an LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame or Auburn hat why they wear it?" Well, I did ask a student wearing an LSU hat. His answer was, "This is my favorite hat."

I asked the student if they were proud of being at Tech and they said, "Yes." I asked if they would support LSU or Tech on Nov. 1.

His response was, "Go Bulldogs!" So basically, this guy wears an LSU hat on Tech campus because he likes it -- he doesn't wear it to offend anyone, and he doesn't wear it because he thinks LSU is a better school.

I also have to ask Jennifer, "Have you ever been to an LSU game?" LSU is known around the nation as one of the loudest and the rowdiest home crowds.

The LSU fight song makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and Death Valley gets so loud you can't even hear yourself think. LSU games are just plain fun.

Why can't people have fun in Joe Aillet? I may be a little far fetched, but I think that the intensity problem with Tech football is the town of Ruston.

The town has created an "Us vs. Them" atmosphere -- especially when it comes to students in Greek organizations.

In Baton Rouge, you go to your high school game on Friday night, and you are at Tiger Stadium the next day -- no questions asked. The community of Ruston doesn't support the team like that.

The police are a prime example of the "Us vs. Them" conflict. Police on this campus, and in this town, look for things to bust people for.

The cops are a perfect blend of Barney Fife, Deputy Dewey (from "Scary Movie") and John Wayne.

They love to harass students -- drunk, sober or driving the speed limit. They are at all the Tech home games in force.

I don't particularly like being a target for local yokel cops. Despite the harassment, I'm not the real victim here.

The victims are the Tech athletes. My point is it's hard to have a good game when you're guilty until proven innocent.

Reynolds is quoted saying, "If you're so gung ho about that school -- go there." Did it ever occur to her that some people may plan on attending graduate school at LSU, Georgia Tech, etc.? Maybe they wear the hat or shirt because they are excited about what the future holds for them after Tech. Are they losers for dreaming big? I don't think so.

I have a suggestion for those of you offended by students wearing other college names -- you should have the courage to ask that person why they wear the other college name before judging their school spirit. Oh yeah How 'Bout Them Dawgs!

Scotty Hartner


Political Science

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