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By LYDIA EARHART lee003@latech



If it was not for loans offered by the Student Government Association, Melanie Thiel, a senior elementary and special education major, would be in a financial bind.

“My bills were due quick, so I needed a loan,” Thiel said. “I heard that the SGA was offering loans.”

Thiel said the loan was a great deal because it has a low finance charge.

Emily Allison, treasurer of the SGA and a senior marketing major, said this quarter the SGA granted 149 loans, and $27,983 was given to students.

Lindsay Mencacci, president of SGA and a senior biology major, is happy SGA can offer these funds to those in need.

“A lot of the students who borrow money from the SGA use the money for books or rent because their refund checks come in later in the quarter,” Mencacci said.

Mencacci said the SGA began to offer loans since it gained enough money in its budget to open an account to hold funds.

“Any enrolled student can apply for a loan from the SGA,” Mencacci said. “Loans are offered every quarter and must be paid back before the last day of the quarter.”

Mencacci said interested students should fill out the two-page application in the SGA office and may have it approved instantly.

“Students can borrow up to $250 from the SGA,” Mencacci said. “Funds will be given to them instantly upon approval and not deposited into their account summary.”

Mencacci said applications are accepted at the beginning of the quarter and until 2 weeks before the last class day. Interest on the loan can add up to $25.

“The interest on the loans has previously helped fund SGA projects such as printing spirit cards and increasing safety on campus,” Mencacci said. “The freshmen senators are currently working on projects to increase campus safety.”

Mencacci said the freshman senators may use the money for campus lighting and surveillance cameras.

She said, “Offering these loans is a great idea and a good way to help students receive money without having to go through a bank.”

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