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By ANDRIANNA MARSTON alm045@latech



Listening to the campus pastors speak is a typical Tuesday night service for students in Tech’s Chi Alpha ministry, but a guest missionary delivered the message Oct. 25.

John Koeshall, a European campus missionary and coordinator of Students for Christ, delivered a message to Chi Alpha, pushing the group to learn the definition of character.

“The real test of character is when you are doing something positive, and no one is watching,” Koeshall said.

Since he established a Chi Alpha program during the 1960s in his home state of Wisconsin, Koeshall has been ministering to students worldwide about doing morally admirable deeds. 

“We all have the potential to do good things,” Koeshall said. “But how many people do you know will just go around doing good things unnamed?” 

Because of global suffrage and destruction, some students have decided to go on mission trips around the world, just as he has, Koeshall said.

Jessica Hopkins, a junior early elementary education major, said Koeshall’s message was reinforcement to the decision she and her husband have already made to go on a missionary trip.      

“My husband and I have decided to do a year of missions, but we’re not exactly sure where we want to travel to,” Hopkins said.

It is always encouraging to hear inspirational messages from missionaries, such as Koeshall, who have been delivering the word worldwide for a long time, Hopkins said.

“Neither [my husband nor I] ever thought we would do something like this, but we’ve decided to go through with it,” Hopkins said.

Koeshall said people should not look for credit in return when doing things for the Lord.

“Your act of admiration and observance as well as your love for God is what should inspire you to do good things,” Koeshall said.

Koeshall said there are three rules from the Bible for students to live by every day.

“Try to keep your life, heart and mind set on Christ every day and not material things,” Koeshall said. He said he has also learned from experience that “God doesn’t like fake or lukewarm people.” 

Koeshall said he spends months on the road ministering.

He tries to visit a different Chi Alpha each night of the week, and one of his most important goals is to make students realize their God-given potential, he said.

“I try to bring a message that makes students believe more in themselves and help them build up their self-confidence,” Koeshall said. “My favorite line is ‘Never give up.’ Believe in God and believe in yourself.”

Many Chi Alpha students felt like Koeshall’s message was a wake-up call.

Leah Cammack, a sophomore nutrition and dietetics major, said it is good to have speakers who shed light on issues happening around the world, not just in the United States.

Sometimes people get so comfortable in their own culture, they forget about problems that need to be solved and fulfilling God’s purpose, Cammack said. 

She said, “To see [Koeshall’s] hunger about helping people overseas and doing God’s will was amazing as well as an inspiration.”

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