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Marbury is deserving

Since 1894, the year Tech was founded, the Lomax-Marbury family has been involved with this institution of learning

Since 1894, the year Tech was founded, the Lomax-Marbury family has been involved with this institution of learning.

When Virginia Lomax Marbury was recognized as Tech’s 2005 alumna of the year, it was an excellent choice.

Marbury was acknowledged for her commitment and contribution to the university.

“It was so nice of everyone to do this for me, but I don’t deserve all of the attention,” she said.

Marbury’s husband was recognized with the same honor in 1976, bringing honor to the family.

Sadly Mr. Marbury passed away unexpectedly the week Mrs. Marbury received the award. There has never been such a dedicated, generous contributor to Tech before or since the Marbury’s.

Their devotion since Tech was the Louisiana Polytechnic Institute has not gone unnoticed or overlooked.

Tech is grateful for all of their support and generosity.

Virginia Lomax Marbury graduated from Tech with a bachelor of arts degree in music in 1936. She then went to Louisiana State University where she pursued a master’s degree in music in 1938. Since her graduation, nearly 70 years ago, Tech’s biggest supporter is still extremely gracious and humble to receive an honor she truly deserves.

Other deserving alumni were also recognized this past week for bringing special excellence to the Tech community. They were named alumni of the year by specific university colleges.

Those people include: Robert C. Snyder, Sr., awarded the Arlis Scogin Distinguished Award; Kristy Tillman, awarded young alumna of the year; Robert Holt, Jr., recognized by the College of Administration and Business; Otha “Dusty” Taylor, recognized by the College of Applied and Natural Sciences; Dr. Billy Jack Talton, recognized by the College of Education; Harry Gaston, recognized by the College of Engineering and Science; and Dr. Kathryn D. Robinson, recognized by the College of Liberal Arts.

No doubt each of the eight award recipients’ passion for this university has shone since their graduations, especially Mrs. Marbury.

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