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This item originally appeared in the Dec. 11, 2003, issue of The Tech Talk.


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Tech participated in the Megaconference V event yesterday through video conferencing provided at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

The event is a worldwide online conference on the use of teleconferencing in research and education.

Schools that participated in the event had to possess the Internet Two technology that allows for connection to the World Wide Web without the traffic facing the commodity Internet One.

Dr. Melvin Corley, a professor of mechanical engineering, said the Internet Two is a new technology that aims mainly to help research and education.

"Internet Two is a consortium of universities and research laboratories that have set up a network of interaction with one another," Corley said.

"[It] is strictly for research and education only, and it is done through one major project, which is videoconferencing."

Different schools were represented from across the world at the event with the host site being Ohio State University in Columbus.

Some countries represented at the event included Spain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Croatia, China, Mexico, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Other schools in the United States that participated were California State University in Hayward, Clemson University in Clemson, S.C., the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va., and Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

Dr. Jon Pratt, an assistant professor of finance, said the event was an opportunity for the school to showcase its qualities and activities that distinguish it from other schools.

"We had the opportunity to represent Tech to the rest of the world and also show them the cultures that exist here," Pratt said.

Pratt also made a presentation at the event in which he talked about the entrepreneurial aspects and culture that are beginning to grow at the university.

Pratt said participating in the event showed the dedication of the university in providing the best facilities to its students to help ease the learning process.

"We participated because we wanted our students to be on the edge of technology and also let them have the highest standards available," Pratt said.

"It speaks well of our school if the students can link up with others across the world via [videoconferencing]."

According to, Tech was the only university representing Louisiana this year and is one of three universities in Louisiana with the Internet Two technology.

The other two schools are Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and Tulane University in New Orleans.

This was Tech's second appearance at the event.

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