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Fans should support Bicknell, football team

This item originally appeared in the Dec. 11, 2003, issue of The Tech Talk.

The verdict: you have our "vote of confidence."

So were the expressions of Tech President Dr. Dan Reneau and Athletic Director Jim Oakes following two meetings in as many days concerning the future of Bulldog football's head coach Jack Bicknell.

Speculation of the future of Bicknell and Bulldog football roared across Tech's campus and the entire stretch of north Louisiana after the Bulldogs' second consecutive losing season came to a halt with two horrific loses.

Climaxing frustrations and emotions of fans had come to a boiling point with disappointments from the results of the past two losing seasons following Tech's inaugural and Western Athletic Conference title-winning 2001 season.

The fact: We're losing.

The question: What do we do?

Many figures pointed toward the Bulldog coaching staff and primarily Bicknell. Fingers directed from individuals with little or no confidence in the present staff or the future of the football program.

However, no one has felt the disappointment and pain more so than Bicknell himself.

And while suffering through disappointment is not an excuse for failure, one must observe the adversity in which Bicknell and company have battled and remain confident that our head coach will develop a winning, competitive football program in the near future.

The adversity is this: In his five-year career at Tech, Bicknell has produced a 27-32 record while playing 20 games against highly prestigious teams in respective seasons. Even so, regardless of tough non-conference defeats, Tech fans want to see consistent conference wins.

The confidence lies in Bicknell's accomplishments and ability to recruit fine talent across the roster in every position. This is perhaps Bicknell's finest quality. Many people scrutinize Bicknell for his game plan and play calling, or allowance thereof, but promises have been made for necessary changes to develop a winning season next year.

Bicknell has led Tech to one WAC championship, major victories over Alabama, Oklahoma State and Michigan State and many other close contests.

Despite two consecutive losing seasons, Bicknell deserves and desperately needs the support of the Tech family. We must pull together and continue cheering on our football team. The last thing Bicknell, his staff and the football team need is fair weather, bandwagon fans. Be hardcore, die-hard, selfless fans and support the Bulldogs because you love the game and you love your team.

No one wants excuses for the team's struggles, but it's time for fans to stop criticizing and get behind our football team.

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