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By April Reynolds akr011@latech

By April Reynolds


A Tech running back who was arrested and charged with forcible rape after a complaint from a female student is free after posting the $40,000 bond set by a judge.

Mark Dillard, a sophomore basic and career studies major, was released Jan. 9 from the Lincoln Detention Center where he was booked after his arrest the morning of Jan. 6 by Tech police.

Tech Police Chief Steven Quinnelly said the department received a report on Jan 5 by a female student of a possible rape or sexual battery which occurred on the previous night.

“We subsequently investigated that report,” Quinnelly said. “Our investigation developed probable sufficient cause for us to arrest Dillard.”

Quinnelly said the case has been referred to the Lincoln Parish District Attorney’s Office and the Tech Office of Judicial Affairs.

Jim King, vice-president of student affairs, said cases such as these are reviewed by the Behavioral Standards Committee, comprised of students, faculty and staff.

He said it is not the case that a student will be dismissed from the university because he is charged with a crime.

“Students are afforded the opportunity for due process and the first thing that happens is an administrative interview,” King said.

He said precedents have been set, yet each case is different.

“The university maintains precedents that are in place, but because each case is unique, different sanctions are in place for the variety of variables,” King said.

Malcolm Butler, director of sports information, said the university has already taken disciplinary action.

“Dillard has been indefinitely suspended from the Louisiana Tech University football team,” Butler said.

“After due process of the law, his case will then be reevaluated.”

According to information published in The New Star- Monroe, Dillard allegedly gave a taped confession of the rape upon interrogation, but is not reported to have had any previous discipline problems in the past.

Dillard is scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 7.

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