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By APRIL REYNOLDS akr011@latech



Every year on college campuses across the nation, many graduating seniors apply for this honor, but few are chosen for Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

The 20 seniors named as this year’s Tech recipients were announced the first day of winter classes.

In addition, an honor within the honor is the recognition of Tech Elite. This signifies the two top students who are recognized as being in the top 15 percent of recipients.

Who’s Who students from Tech include: seniors Jacquelyn Erin Adcock, biology; Emily Christina Allison, marketing; Blair Bahlinger, speech; Christal Beach, architecture; Melodie Benford, physics; Chuck Brouillette, art education; Esteban Fiallos, computer science; Kristin K. Ginn, mechanical engineering; Christopher A. Guidry, biomedical engineering; Julie Haynes, elementary education; Lauren Jarreau, elementary education; Klark Kent, professional aviation; Ashley Landrum, biology; Ashley Michelle McGarity, biology; Lida Millman, family and child studies; Jennifer Lynn Sharp, biology; Larry Shavers, mathematics education; Caleb Smith, marketing; Daytheon Sturges, biology; and Katie P. Tyler, marketing.

“I’m really excited and very honored,” Tyler said. “Being a member of Student Government Association really helped me by getting to know people who were involved in other things and who made you want to strive to do your best.”

Benford, a Tech Elite recipient, said she was not aware of her selection until being notified about the change of date for the SGA reception.

“I didn’t know about it; a lot of people knew about it before me,” she said. “The guy called me to tell me the banquet was cancelled and I was like ‘What banquet?’” 

Benford said her participation in various organizations really helped her get involved. She said she is pleased by her Who’s Who recognition.

“Over my four years, I’ve been in a lot of things,” she said. “I think Who’s Who is a good ending to the school year.”

Sturges, the other Tech elite recipient, said he attributes his selection to his academic success and campus involvement. He believes the award is a great finale to his undergraduate experience.

“I believe being a well-rounded student, maintaining high academic scholarship and being able to blend that with campus involvement allowed me this opportunity,” Sturges said. “I was excited about the award because I feel like all my work has paid off.”

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