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This item originally appeared in the January 13, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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Sixteen students have been picked to lead a new crop of incoming freshman for the next school year.

Vince Miller, director of orientation and special programs, said he is looking forward to the excitement and fun of taking charge of his fifth staff.

"Orientation is the same every year," Miller said. "It is the staff that makes it different."

This year's staff includes Heather Austin, a junior finance major from Shreveport; Blair Bahlinger, a junior speech communications major from Baton Rouge; Chuck Brouillette, a senior education major from West Monroe; Emery Carlisle, a junior accounting major from Shreveport; and Betsy Jackson, a sophomore photography major from Monroe.

Other student leaders include Ann Marie Kees, a sophomore education major from Coppell, Texas; Klark Kent, a junior aviation major from Tom, Okla.; Courtney McGuffee, a junior education major from Jonesville; David Murimi, a junior journalism major from Ruston; Amy Pepper, a sophomore merchandising major from El Dorado, Ark.; and Jesse Petrus, a sophomore accounting major from LeCompte.

Larry Shavers, a senior education major from Denham Springs; Caleb Smith, a junior marketing major from Gilbert; Jeanna Thibodeaux, a junior interior design major from Baton Rouge; Jennifer Welch, a junior education major from Camden, Ark.; and Labreeska Wilkinson, a sophomore education major from Princeton were also selected to be student leaders.

Shavers said he is looking forward to telling the incoming freshman all about Tech.

"I am beyond excited," Shavers said. "It's going to be a great experience. It will be all about savoring the fun times."

Miller said the decision to have 16 student leaders instead of 18, like last year, stemmed from two reasons.

"There are less high school students this year," Miller said. "Also, the requirements for admission to Tech have gone up."

Miller said 16 student leaders will be enough for the estimated 1,800 incoming freshmen participating in orientation.

Jackie Stevens, an orientation student assistant and a senior general studies major, said this year's orientation will be successful.

"We were looking for a diverse staff that would represent out area and campus well," Stevens said. "We have everyone from Greeks to choir."

Every college, except the College of Engineering and Science, will be represented by the 2005 staff. Stevens said the diverse staff will help achieve the main goal of orientation.

"We believe these 16 students will impact as many people as they can," Stevens said. "Their job is to sell Tech and give the incoming freshman every reason to stay."

"We want the incoming freshman to leave orientation feeling positive and thinking Tech is a comfortable place," Stevens said. "We want them to meet their fear of coming to college and give them the confidence to come back.

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