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Campus is still safe, despite recent crimes.
This item originally appeared in the Jan. 15, 2004, issue of The Tech Talk.

Despite the recent car jacking and attempted robbery on campus, The Tech Talk believes students should not live in fear.

Tech has a low rate of crime, and people on campus have no reason to worry that these incidents will be the beginning of more crimes.

The paper would like to applaud the Tech Police Department for its work in keeping crime rates low on campus.

Tech Police Chief Stephen Quinnelly leads a strong group of police officers who are available to help at all times of night or day.

By offering students services like Crimestoppers in The Tech Talk and providing the golf cart escort service, the Tech Police Department is doing its best to aid and protect students on campus.

Students should take advantage of these services as often as possible to help keep crime at a minimum.

The Tech Talk believes the Police Department will continue to do its best in protecting students.

Students also play an active role in helping keep crime low by reporting crimes and following the advice of the police.

Simple things like locking car doors and using the golf cart escort service at night help, too.

While these things should make students feel secure on campus, students should not become lax in their efforts to protect themselves.

Those living on campus should continue to lock their doors and windows at all times, keep valuables locked up and not walk alone late at night.

Students should also pay attention to the police's Tip of the Week in Crimestoppers.

The campus can always be enjoyed if common sense is used and students remain aware of their surroundings.

Tech has always been a university filled with trust, and that trust should remain despite the two recent incidents of crime.

If the community allows fear to ruin trust, we will lose more than just our sense of safety.

The loss of the virtue of trust can lead to a narrow-minded campus and a deficiency in learning.

The Tech Talk would like to encourage students and faculty to continue to work with the police and to trust them as well as other people on campus.

The paper also wants to remind everyone to still remain defensive and use common sense but not be suspicious of everyone on campus.

By doing these things, crime can be prevented and will remain low on campus in the future.

This guarantees everyone can enjoy Tech without living in fear.

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