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This item originally appeared in the Jan. 15, 2004, issue of The Tech Talk.


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New Orientation Student Leaders received their acceptance letters Dec. 17 and have already begun service and recruitment for Tech.

The orientation leaders for 2004 are Christal Beach, a senior architecture major; Allison Comeaux, a sophomore elementary education major; McKinna Dartez, a sophomore professional aviation major; Tony Desalvo, a sophomore sociology major; and Kyle Duhon, a junior earth science education major.

Also named were Mallory Hawthorne, a sophomore speech major; Trenae Jones, a speech and language pathology major; Travis Napper, a sophomore basic and career studies major; Emily Newman, a sophomore biology major; Mindy Nunez, a junior political science major; Adam Owens, a junior political science major; and Nicole Power, a sophomore architecture major.

Jennifer Saunders, a sophomore psychology major; Emily Steed, a sophomore interior design major; Kristy Stephens, a junior biology major; Sarah Tidwell, a sophomore family and child studies major; Erica Timmons, a sophomore basic and career studies major; and Matt Young, a sophomore speech major were also appointed.

Vince Miller, director of the Orientation Student Leaders, said the new leaders have already started fund raising and preparing for the South Regional Orientation and Workshop held March 5 through 7 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where they will compete in a skit competition.

"[Our group] won second place for the last two years, and before that they won first place three years in a row," Miller said.

Miller said the leaders' first activity as a group was a team-building retreat held Dec. 17 and 18 in south Louisiana.

Jones said she has wanted to be an orientation leader ever since her orientation weekend in the summer of 2002.

"I just walked up to my orientation leader and said, 'How can I be one?'" Jones said.

Jones also got to know more about being an orientation leader through her work as a student recruiter.

"Being a student recruiter was an outlet to being an orientation leader," Jones said.

Jones said she kept up with fliers that stated when applications could be picked up from the admissions office, located in the ground floor of Wyly Tower of Learning, and then stayed focused on the deadline.

After filling out and returning applications, the next step in becoming an orientation leader was trying out for the part.

Jackie Stevens, a senior health and exercise science major and student assistant director for the orientation leaders, said she, Miller and two members of admissions selected 18 students out of the 75 who applied based on their performances in the tryout and group interview.

"During tryouts the students got into groups and performed skits," Stevens said. "About half came back from the interviews to try out."

Stevens said a good student orientation leader is outgoing, works well with others and is flexible.

"The orientation leaders help publicize Tech's assets through their experiences," Stevens said.

"They are representatives of our school."

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