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This item originally appeared in the Jan. 15, 2004, issue of The Tech Talk.


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Pay increases were awarded to the University of Louisiana System President Dr. Sally Clausen and the eight presidents of universities in the ULS.

The successful accreditation efforts in regards to Grambling State University and continued increases in faculty pay were some of the accomplishments cited by the Board.

Tech President Dr. Dan Reneau is one of the ones who will benefit from this pay increase.

Factors for the raise were accreditation rates, retention rates, six-year graduation rates, remedial semester credit hours, Tuition Opportunity Program for Students retention, financial audits, average faculty salary and institutional characteristics, such as budget size and enrollment.

"President raises have been few and far between," Reneau said. "So I was very pleased by it."

Reneau said he is also pleased with Tech's performance.

"This is not so much a reflection of me, but on how well Tech is doing," Reneau said.

Clausen is very happy with Reneau's performance over the past years.

"He has an exemplary record and consistent audit," Clausen said. "This speaks well of him and how well he spends money and is important to establishing his and Tech's credibility.

"One knows that the money is going into the classroom, paying the faculty and is not being misspent."

Clausen could not remember Reneau ever being off on his audits and, according to the ULS Presidential Evaluation Factors, has received an unqualified audit for the past three years.

Tech also had the highest student retention rate in the System and exceeded the national average by 11.3 percent and had a 14-percent increase in graduation over the last six years.

"[Reneau] sets strong standards; he is out in the community and is held in the highest regards," Clausen said.

"He has retained a great majority of the TOPS students and he does that with strong programs that are almost all nationally accredited. Dr. Reneau is one of the great leaders in our country."

Reneau said he plans to keep Tech on the same path it is on now.

"I hope to continue on the same focus Tech has been on," Reneau said. "We are a mission-oriented school with great faculty and staff that are all moving for the same goals that are for the students."

Reneau has received a 10.7 percent salary increase, which puts him at 97 percent compared to his peers.

The Board gave Clausen a raise because of her performance and to make her salary more competitive with other system presidents'.

"When somebody recognizes you, it humbles you, and I am very pleased," Clausen said.

"It also gives you the energy to accomplish more goals, and I am flattered that the Board has supported and wanted to acknowledge me."

The Board awarded Clausen an 18.3 percent pay raise, bringing her annual salary to more than $200,000.

Clausen has been evaluated each year by the Board, and now at the end of her three-year plan she is ready for the next.

"Now it is time to make new goals," Clausen said.

"The new chairman, Mike Woods, and I will sit down and set the new goals mutually."

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