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By AMANDA JAMES aaj006@latech



Recent works of vandalism have taken a toll on the School of Performing Arts in the Howard Center for the Performing Arts.

Kenneth Robbins, director of the School of Performing Arts, said two acts of defacement occurred.

“A message was scratched into the paint outside the recital hall in the music wing of the Howard Center,” Robbins said. “The same message was then discovered etched onto one of the large paintings in the Howard Center lobby. The paintings were displayed in the lobby thanks to the graciousness of Marie Bukowski, a professor of art.”

Robbins said he does not know who performed the acts of vandalism or when the acts occurred, though the form of vandalism was identifiable.

“The scratching in the hallway was achieved by scraping off the outer layer of paint,” Robbins said. “The painting was befouled by using what appeared to be a ball point pen.”

The vandalism was reported to campus police, and Bukowski removed her paintings from Howard lobby, Robbins said.

There will be repercussions for the acts of vandalism.

“The concept of being able to display works of art in the Howard Center has now been denied,” Robbins said. “We know now that our space is not secure enough to allow art to be displayed.”

Robbins said he was disappointed the acts of vandalism occurred. 

“I feel badly that we misled Professor Bukowski into thinking that the Howard Center was safe for the display of her art,” Robbins said. “She has now been victimized by the disfigurement of her artwork. The Howard Center has been discouraged from adding art to its hallways, a major loss in terms of ambience, comfort and function within the facility.”

Tech Police Lieutenant Thomas Craig said no further information has been discovered about the acts of vandalism. 

“We have nothing more at this time,” Craig said. “We’re still investigating it.”

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