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Student upset with Jan. 13 More Talk

This item originally appeared in the January 21, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.

Dear Editor:

I was appalled while reading the article "Behind the Sound." It depicted the Hoop Troop as a group of talentless outcasts with "lip rings ... wrinkled shirts...and the occasional beer belly."

Running a full page article that blatantly attacks a fellow school organization shows that the writers of this paper are classless and small minded.

Most of the statements are libelous and insulting to the members of the Hoop Troop.

As a Louisiana Tech organization, you should be promoting school spirit, not tearing down those who exhibit it. Publicly judging those who are different from you is immature and unethical.

I think a full page article could have been much better spent on a more important subject such as tsunami relief efforts which only received a half page article.

Obviously, the writers and editors of this newspaper feel attacking the Hoop Troop is more of a priority than helping disaster ridden countries.

Freedom of speech is your right, but using it to belittle fellow Tech students is morally and ethically wrong.

Brandy Perry

Junior, Geology

The Hoop Troop More Talk page was a tribute to the Hoop Troop. The Tech Talk stands behind the page.

-- Jennifer Reynolds, editor, The Tech Talk

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