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This item originally appeared in the January 21, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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Imagine not working weekends, having flexible schedules and working on-campus. At this job, all you have to do is call people and talk about Tech.

Vince Miller, the director of orientation and special programs, created this ideal job, "Calling All Dawgs."

"Five years ago, we realized it was popular to have students calling prospective students," Miller said.

"It is an opportunity to build students' relationships."

Miller said it is also more effective than mailing.

Miller decided to split Student Recruiters into two parts: "Calling All Dawgs" and Student Recruiters.

"Some students really enjoy giving tours while others would prefer to be on the phone," Miller said.

Miller said students who are chosen to participate in "Calling All Dawgs" target high school seniors who have shown interest in Tech.

Miller said the student workers begin by calling students and asking them how their college decision-making process is going.

"The idea behind calling is to sell Tech to the prospective students if they are undecided," Miller said.

Miller said although this approach makes a difference in hundreds of students each year, it would be worth the effort if one student was affected.

"If even one student decides to attend Tech because of a phone call, then Tech is reimbursed [for "Calling All Dawgs'" expenses]," Miller said.

"Our goal is to get the student, not the money."

Kristy Zabasky, the president of "Calling All Dawgs" and a senior graphic design major, has enjoyed meeting this goal.

"It's cool because you build relationships with people you have not met," Zabasky said. "If they set up a tour, then you also have the chance to meet them."

Zabasky said she also enjoys the sense of accomplishment she receives while working.

"[I] wonder if maybe the reason why they are coming to Tech is because [I] changed their mind," Zabasky said.

Elizabeth McGehee, a junior graphic design major, said she has seen the effects of "Calling All Dawgs."

"It's really neat to be able to talk to people about my random experiences at Tech and entice them to come to Tech," McGehee said. "I get to help other people decide what they want to do."

McGehee said while the main goal of the organization has stayed the same, there have been some changes.

"It has changed for the better," McGehee said. "Everything used to be done on paper, but now we have computers. It is better for the environment because now we don't waste paper."

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