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This item originally appeared in the January 27, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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With all the Social Security numbers, P.O. box numbers, combinations to P.O. boxes, room numbers, phone numbers and B.O.S.S. pin numbers, Tech will add another eight-digit identification number to the list in the summer of 2005.

"This [new identification number] is part of a university-wide conversion from Social Security numbers to campus-wide identification numbers," Lisa Cole, the comptroller, said.

Cole said the new number will be randomly assigned by the computers. The eight-digit number will take the place of Tech students' Social Security number.

"Safe-guarding the number will help stop identity theft," Cole said.

She said Tech will take care of changing the student's old identification numbers to the new identification numbers.

"The only thing the students have to worry about is remembering the number they are assigned," Cole said.

Kara Easley, a student worker in the Tech Express office and a sophomore general studies major, said she thinks the new ID number will help students.

"[Although] it is another number to remember for us, it is a great idea," Easley said. "Tech students may have to learn a new number but it is a part of growing up."

Easley said having a Tech student's Social Security number on the ID card is risky and dangerous

People can steal the cards and have access to students' social security numbers.

Easley said on an average day 10 people purchase new Tech IDs because of lost or stolen cards.

Neta Norman, Tech Express ID system manager, said she is excited about the new cards.

"It will take about twenty hours of printing to complete 10,000 ID's," Norman said.

Norman said students can pick up the new cards in the summer of 2005 in the Tech Express Office located near the Student Center.

Students are not required to take a new picture but can if they choose.

Cole said it is important for students to pick up the new cards so they can learn their new number as quickly as possible.

They will also need the cards to attend athletic events.

Along with the new numbers, students will also have a new point of scenery on Tech's campus.

"[The new scenery on the cards] will have Keeny Hall and a bush of roses on the front," Norman said. "The back will be the same though."

Norman said the identification cards that are used now came out in 2000.

Norman said, "It would be nice to change the identification cards every five years."

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