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This item originally appeared in the February 3, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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A friend of Vice President for Research and Development Dr. Les Guice hopes to help the university build global research.

Dr. Da Hsuan Feng, vice president for research, graduate education and a professor from the University of Texas in Dallas, was the inaugural "University Research Distinguished Speaker" Friday in the Institute for Micromanufacturing auditorium.

"The main ingredient to ['Building a 21st Century Global Research University'] is a first-class faculty and students; second, an administration that ensures the first-class faculty and students can do their jobs.

Guice said he and Feng met in a delegation to Asian Pacific for research.

Guice said he and other vice presidents for research from other universities toured through the Asian Pacific to acquire different research techniques.

Feng said in the 10 days of the delegation one of two things would happen: they would become friends or hate each other.

"Luckily we became friends," Guice said.

Guice said he invited Feng to see if they could team up on research.

"I'm here to learn your strengths, to see if there is an opportunity to collaborate, to see if your university can benefit us and how [the University of Texas at Dallas] can benefit from Tech," Feng said.

Guice said Tech takes many steps to ensure up-to-date research methods.

"We have our people out seeing what others are doing and while they are there, they can secure competitive grant funding," Guice said.

He also said the university sends faculty and students to the front lines of research.

"The faculty facilitates research by going to other research centers and participating," Guice said.

Feng said a new ranking of universities globally has launched universities into a new era.

"The rankings are out there, and they aren't going away," Feng said.

He said research institutions have to have regional, national and global responsibilities.

"[Administrators] have to measure your university at an international level," Feng said.

Quincey Brown, Ph.D. candidate in biomedical engineering, said Tech has professors here working on research that is not going on elsewhere.

"The research being done here in nanotechnology and micromanufacturing is approaching state-of-the-art," Brown said.

Feng said it is important for a university to secure grants. "Without funds, research is a hallucination," Feng said.

Feng said the university must provide the highest quality of education.

"You have to have students that will become a part of the 21st century workforce."

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