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This item originally appeared in the Feb. 5, 2004, issue of The Tech Talk.

To the Editor:

I want to thank Judith McDaniel for her column "Choose Pro-life" in the Jan. 29 edition of The Tech Talk. She actually covered the one story that no major media outlet will ever touch.

This is the news we are never supposed to know about. It has never made the front page of a national paper or been the lead story nightly on the evening news.

Do not think that this is an oversight or mistake, because once a person finds out how gruesome and disgusting this practice is or the number of its casualties, anyone with a conscience has a change of heart.

However, many people have hardened their hearts and turned their heads, ignoring reality and thus taking us further away from the Creator's and Founding Fathers' intentions and leading us deeper into moral relativism.

To take away a pregnancy or prevent an unwanted child has left one-third of our generation dead and all of those would-be mothers wounded.

It is a little-known fact in the medical community that women who have undergone abortions have much higher rates of reproductive problems, cancer, depression and suicide.

Dig deeper and you find that the abortion industry targets certain groups of women. And they have succeeded -- abortion is most common among minorities and low-income women.

The Tech Talk deserves praise for having the courage to run Judith's column and for living up to Tech's mission to educate young people.

It is encouraging to see that free speech and freedom of the press have survived in America.

William Chandler

2002 Graduate

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