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This item originally appeared in the Feb. 5, 2004, issue of The Tech Talk.


Staff Writer

Laura Hunt, a junior graphic design major, has been accepted for membership in the Eisenhower Scholar Society.

The Eisenhower Scholar Society, as described by Hunt, is a national honors society that acknowledges outstanding students annually and provides exclusive academic opportunities and career advantages.

Hunt was shocked at the news of the award.

"I am extremely honored, even though it was a surprise at first for me to be offered this opportunity," Hunt said.

The Eisenhower Society, also known as People to People, according to its Web site, focuses on personal exchanges and individual, firsthand experiences of other cultures.

Dr. Donald Kaczvinsky, director of the honors program and a professor of English, recommended Hunt to Dr. Kenneth Rea, vice president for academic affairs and a professor of history.

Rea sent in the nominations to the Eisenhower Scholar Society.

Kaczvinsky recognizes the five nominees for the Eisenhower society as students showing both "outstanding scholarly ability and high leadership potential."

Eligibility for this society is based on nominations alone, and acceptance is based on academic merit, community involvement and extracurricular activities.

Hunt sees her recognition as society recognizing the strength and integrity of the university's academic programs.

"I would like to help elevate the status of our students and faculty by being able to participate in an honors society that operates on an international basis," Hunt said.

The faculty sees Hunt's achievement as further recognition of the quality of students that can be drawn from Tech.

"By having an Eisenhower Fellow, Tech is recognized as a university of the first rank and as training future leaders for the nation and the world," Kaczvinsky said.

Hunt is now at the point of having to complete one of the academic opportunities the society requires and is in hopes of attending a summer program the Eisenhower Society is holding.

Hunt hopes it will increase her student involvement in the community and the world around her.

Rea considers Hunt's achievements as empowerment for Tech and encouragement for Hunt.

"I am very proud of Laura's selection," Rea said. "It reflects positively, not only on her, but the university as well. She will take advantage of the opportunity it provides for her."

Kaczvinsky considers Hunt a growing leader and spokeswoman for the nation.

"She is an emerging leader in a field important to the development of our own society and will be an excellent ambassador for Tech and the United States," Kaczvinsky said.

"Laura has the integrity, energy, and motivation to make a real difference in developing and strengthening relations between the United States and the rest of the world."

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