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Powerlifting teams deserve some credit

This item originally appeared in the Feb. 12, 2004, issue of The Tech Talk.

No one can hold them down.

The women's powerlifting team returned from the National Powerlifting Championship with smiles on their faces and victory in their hearts.

The women earned a first-place finish in the junior category and finished up with a third-place win in the open division.

In little more than two months, these women will again have the opportunity to showcase their unbelievable talents at the Collegiate National, a competition dominated by Tech powerlifters.

The powerlifting team will defend its title in not only the women's division but also the men's.

Both teams have won 10 consecutive National Collegiate Championships since 1994, a record no other Tech athletic team can boast. The teams will also be competing for their 14th title overall.

This is the most consistent sports team the university has, yet they rarely receive publicity, and their dramatic feats are hardly ever heard about.

This year's team is predominantly made of new members and underclassmen, surely an advantage for future championships.

This is an amazing sports team that shows amazing results from amazing athletes. These men and women are trained to lift weights more than their body weight, sometimes double their body weight, from a dead lift.

These athletes travel around the country, and sometimes around the world, to display talents they perfected at Tech under the excellent leadership and coaching of Trey Cunningham.

It seems as if this team is unstoppable.

The powerlifting team's ethics and sportsmanship have positively represented the university and nation in the various national and international competitions in which they have competed.

The team receives little notoriety and even less funding. They do not even have a link on the Tech athletics Web site, something we hope will soon be corrected.

When will this team receive the fame and funding it rightly deserves? They have already proved themselves countless times.

When will Tech brag about the accomplishments of its Powerlifting Team on the same level it does for the more well-known sports?

How many more championships must this team win before they are recognized as the victorious team they are?

Hopefully, not much longer.

We commend the ladies' team for continuing the winning tradition they have worked so hard for. We give both teams all our support as they head to the National Collegiate Championships, a competition no other Tech sports team has been able to win for a decade.

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