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Campus needs to be alive on weekends

This item originally appeared in the Feb. 19, 2004, issue of The Tech Talk.

It's Thursday afternoon and the campus is full of students scurrying from one class to another.

The Student Center is crowded with hungry students waiting in line for lunch.

The residence hall parking lots are jam-packed, cars filling every parking space.

One day later, things change.

Campus is no longer buzzing with people and constant activity; instead it turns into a ghost town.

The amount of people in the Student Center drastically decreases, which isn't necessarily students' fault. The cafeteria is the only option.

And driving around for hours it seems, hunting for a parking spot -- well, that's not a problem, either.

Friday is finally here.

Tech is a suitcase college.

The Tech Talk strongly encourages the administration, faculty, staff and students to make a much-needed change and strip this title from the university.

There have been great improvements and additions to the university, which is a start.

But in order for students to want to stick around for the weekend, we believe there are a few more changes that need to be addressed.

It is the hope of The Tech Talk that the following goals can be achieved.

-- Food services should stay open the entire weekend. Who wants to eat cafeteria food Friday, Saturday and Sunday for every meal?

-- The Book store and Post Office also need to extend their hours throughout the weekend, at least stay open Saturdays. There are students on campus who don't have access to transportation and depend on these facilities.

-- Weekend hours for the Prescott Memorial Library are also not practical. We realize the weekends are supposed to be a time of rest and relaxation, but as we all know, for most college students that isn't the case. Many students are writing papers, working on projects and studying for tests. Instead of closing at 5 p.m. Fridays and 6 p.m. Saturdays, we suggest extending these hours. Students will be there.

We realize all of these improvements can't happen overnight, but The Tech Talk challenges administration to tackle these problems by extending the hours of operation throughout campus. There will be an expense for the university, but it may be a good investment.

We also challenge students to take away Tech's 'suitcase college' reputation by staying in Ruston for the weekend instead of packing bags and going home. Isn't that why most people go away to college anyway?

With the help of students and faculty, let's work to keep the university thriving every day, not just Monday through Friday.

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